Aesha Scott dishes on what life is really like on board reality series Below Deck!

The Below Deck Down Under Chief Stewardess reveals all!
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Aesha Scott is no stranger to a day of hard work.

After grinding away for almost a decade for the rich and famous on yachts across the world, the 29-year-old got her big break on hit reality series Below Deck where she worked as a stewardess (also known as a stewie) and sailed across the Mediterranean for two seasons.

She then went on to join the cast of Below Deck Down Under as chief stewardess, sailing around the Whitsundays with a crew of her own to manage.

So, with season two of the smash hit series sailing ever so closer, the team at TV Week thought now would be a good time to sit down with the fan favourite about what life is really like on board the show.

Aesha first appeared as a fresh faced stewie on Below Deck: Mediterranean.

(IMAGE: Hayu)

Spilling the beans on how she secured her ‘big break’ as a yachtie, Aesha told us that her origin story was ”embarrassing”.

”You’ve got to throw your dignity in the bin. I flew to where I could get on a boat and just roamed the docks and tried to get anyone to talk to me.

”As you’re walking down the dock you’ve got all these yachties on deck starting their work for the day watching and judging you as you beg for a job.

”But who the f**k cares,” Aesha laughs.

After two seasons sailing around the mediterranean, Aesha was promoted to ‘chief stewie’ on Below Deck Down Under.

(IMAGE: Hayu)

The New Zealand native went on to add that sailing on multi-million-dollar yachts wasn’t always as glamorous as it seemed.

”On a boat the work you do is not glamorous in the slightest. You are cleaning, serving, and doing all kinds of menial tasks.

”But it is afterwards when guests and the owners aren’t on the boat and that’s when you get a bottle of champagne and fill up the spa and pretend you are a guest for the day.

”And often the owners will shout you nice things to say thank you, like dinner for the staff at a really fancy restaurant.”

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Working for the elite one percent also left Aesha feeling unsettled at times, as the wealthy threw money around like it was nothing.

”One thing that used to frustrate me was when I was working on this boat and was denied a pay rise multiple times and I was working so hard.

”These owners got us to book them a VIP table at a beach club which was roughly $6.5k AUD and then they changed their mind and forfeited the money.

”Then they asked for shots of very expensive tequila out of these pure crystal Baccarat glass that were worth about $2,000 Euros each, would do a cheers then shot the tequila and chuck the glass into the ocean.

”And I was sitting there like you guys have just chucked 10k euros worth of shot glasses into the ocean and I can’t even get 500 more per month on my way. It’s insane, but to those people that’s nothing. It was like their equivalent to me having 50 cents in my pocket,” Aesha tells us incredulously.

Whilst working as a stewie isn’t always glamourous, starring in a hit reality show sure is.

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So, given she’s spent time sailing for top tier clientele across Europe, how did her time sailing the Whitsundays in far north Queensland compare?

Well, to put it bluntly, Aesha says they are ”very different.”

”The Mediterranean is very traditional yachting with very formal high-end service, and you are in these old, cultural places and the clientele are usually a lot more traditional and reserved.

‘”Whereas in the Whitsundays you are in this beautiful tropical area, so things are more laid back.”

When asked to elaborate, Aesha said that Australian clientele were more down to earth and relaxed.

”It’s more buddy buddy with the guests, you feel you are friends with them rather than being their server.

”I mean, I can do both styles of service and I was trained traditionally but I just think that with the personality that I have I thrive when I can poke fun and have a laugh.”

This loveable larrikin has won herself legions of fans.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Given she has such a vibrant on screen personality, we also couldn’t help but ask Aesha how she ‘flipped the switch’ from working as a stew to working as a stew and making sure she was ‘switched on’ for the cameras.

”I’ve always been outgoing and gregarious so when I was cast in Below Deck, I just wanted to be my genuine self and that’s the best thing you can do,” Aesha says.

Season one of Below Deck Down Under is now streaming on Hayu.

Whilst Aesha was tight lipped up when to expect season two, she did tell us it was ”bloody good.”

”But everyone has to watch season one first so you can see my growth as Chief Stewardess.”

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