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EXCLUSIVE: Andy Cohen on *THAT* infamous NYE broadcast and who he wants to interview next!

And his plans to return to Australia....
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Andy Cohen is no stranger to the spotlight.

As the host of Watch What Happens Live, Andy has interviewed just about every celebrity or notable individual that you can think of from actors, socialites, reality stars and even politicians.

He’s also the mastermind behind and executive producer of the ‘Real Housewives‘ multiverse, which has spawned 11 American instalments, 22 international instalments and a further 27 spin off series.

In the 18 years since he first stepped onto our screens, Andy has become a somewhat ubiquitous media personality, beloved by the masses for his wit, candour and no holds barred approach to interviewing.

Andy is currently on a whirlwind trip to Sydney for World Pride and the launch of original Hayu series ‘Loud & Proud.’

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Speaking exclusively with TV Week whilst visiting Sydney, Andy said that even after more than 15 years on air with Watch What Happens Live, there were still a pesky few celebrities that he was keen to see on his couch for the first time this year.

”Madonna, Michelle Obama, maybe Beyonce….”

”Paul Rudd did the show for the first-time last week so you know, we’re always getting people who’ve never come on. And it’s always exciting because I think we show people in a different light than other shows.”

Watch What Happens Live has aired since 2006 over almost 2000 episodes.

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As the original LIVE late night talk show in the USA, Andy is more than adept at thinking on his feet, and fast.

But believe it or not, the level of unpredictability that comes with hosting a live show, broadcast to millions, is what Andy loves most about his job.

”That’s why I still love doing the show, it’s really authentic, it’s off the rails. It’s exciting. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Paul Rudd was the most recent guest on the show alongside longtime Andy’s longtime friend Liam Neeson.

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Since we were speaking about going ”off the rails”, I couldn’t help but ask Andy about his New Year’s Eve broadcasts live from Times Square for the CNN Network, with bestfriend Anderson Cooper by his side.

”I would love to celebrate New Year’s in Sydney. We’ve [him and Anderson Cooper] known each other for almost 30 years.

”Actually, believe it or not, we were set up on a blind date and then we just became great friends. And I have to say, he’s a really interesting person in my life. Because he’s helped me out a lot, just as I have,” Andy gushes.

”I just love making him laugh and I love doing New Year’s Eve with him. It’s something special, because it’s doing it with your really good friend who you have a unique chemistry with.

”So, it’s really hard to translate that to anything else or you know, it is just its own unique thing. And it’s really fun being a part of a duo. It’s really cool, especially with someone of his esteem.”

Awwww, we love Andy and Anderson’s friendship!

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And thus, we get to what is arguably the most serious question of the interview: What tequila was Andy drinking during his infamous 2021 – 2022 NYE broadcast?

Andy laughs: ”I love Casamigos, I’ve also just started to get into mezcal, which is a lot of fun.

”Liam Neeson is a good friend of mine and his son Danny started the tequila company De-Nada, and that was what got me really drunk on New Years that one time”.

So now that Andy has returned to Australian shores for the first time since 1997, would he consider coming back?

”I would love to!”

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