Ada Nicodemou’s scary Home And Away set story

Summer Bay can be a dangerous place!
Ada Nicodemou Home And Away

If you find yourself lost in Palm Beach, maybe don’t ask Ada Nicodemou for directions!

This morning on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa breakfast show, Home And Away favourite Ada Nicodemou shared a slightly embarrassing story about going AWOL during a lunchtime stroll on set.

Ada was promoting Mission Health for Priceline and discussing how she likes to exercise whenever she can, even during filming breaks.

“I like to have a walk in the middle of the day if I can,” she said. “Palmy is a gorgeous place to go for a walk.”

However, one time, her lunchtime adventure turned into a disaster. It was a story fit for a plotline on the show!

“I did go up to the lighthouse years ago, in the first year that I was on the show,” she recalled. “I thought, ‘I’ll just walk up to the lighthouse.’ I got so lost!” she laughed.

“I know it sounds really hard to do. I decided to go a different way down and got to a cliff top! So that scared me a little bit.”

According to her Instagram, it looks like she’s worked out the right way to get down by now…

Ada also joked that while her co-star Ray Meagher may be getting on in years, he’s still one of the fittest blokes on the show.

“He is super fit,” she said. “He walks every day for over an hour. He looks really, really good. He always takes his health very seriously.”

STREWTH! Sounds like Kyle Pryor, Orpheus Pledger and James Stewart might want to watch out – Ray could be a dark horse for the title of Home And Away hottie!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Ada who recently celebrated her 40th birthday.

It’s good to see her real life is a lot less stressful that her character Leah’s on Home And Away. We hope Leah and Irene can work out their differences ASAP!

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