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MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Why Tracey Jewel reversed $9K worth of plastic surgery

Relentless bullying drove Tracey to reclaim her old face.
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There’s a spring in the step of Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel – and it’s not just because she’s now free to flaunt her love for fellow contestant Sean Thomsen.

“I’ve been to see my cosmetic surgeon,” she tells us.

“He’s dissolved all my fillers and it feels amazing. My lips are more liberated and I feel like I’ve got my eyes back, now the puffiness has gone.”

Tracey reveals that she was bullied for her looks.

Now, she’s a brand-new woman.

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The 35-year-old turned to cosmetic surgery after her divorce five years ago when, to boost her confidence, she got a boob job, hair extensions, Botox, lip filler, liposuction and lash extensions.

But she felt compelled to have a top-up before going on TV, to look her best for the wedding.

“I got filler in my cheeks, lips and under my eyes,” says Tracey, who thought she looked great afterwards.

“But TV wasn’t so kind. I’d look at some of the angles I was shot in and think, ‘Sh–, is that what I look like?’ Then the online abuse started.”

One keyboard warrior said 
her face “looks like it was run over by a truck”, while another posted, “You can’t even talk properly because of your lips!”

Before and After

What has Tracey done?

Tracey has reclaimed her natural look and finds it “liberating.”

Lip fillers gave her an inflated 
trout pout…

Dr Clark says her face is now in proportion.

Tracey says all the attention on her looks “made me feel very teary and extremely bullied”, so after the show, she decided to have her procedures reversed.

“When Tracey came to me, I could see her lips were larger than what could naturally occur, and there were elements of disproportion in her face,” says Mira Clinic’s Dr Andrew Clark, who injected hyaluronidase to dissolve most of the filler.

“I feel great and don’t see the need to change how I look any more,” smiles Tracey.

Tracey was unhappy with people’s perception of her looks… So she made a change.

And boyfriend Sean is enjoying her new look, too.

“Sean thinks I’m beautiful anyway. He’s not superficial 
like Dean, and he loves my new ‘old look’, ” says Tracey, adding there’s another benefit.

“Sean says I kiss a lot better now – apparently my lips aren’t so hard!”

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