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The Voice’s Seann Miley Moore has left Australia stunned, but find out the incredible reason this isn’t the first time the talent has wowed Rita Ora

''She’s such an inspiration for a brown sister like me.''
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Seann Miley Moore stunned during his The Voice audition when he won the nation by performing Andrea Bocelli’s hit called The Prayer.

The moment garnered much discussion online for its likeness to Anthony Callea’s rendition of the number during his time on Australian Idol.

One Twitter user wrote, “Guy Sebastian and Anthony Callea’s love child?” and another fan of the show tweeted, “That was a beautiful performance of “The Prayer.” I also cannot forget the Anthony Callea cover of the song from 2004.”

Seann on The Voice performing The Prayer.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Seann clearly struck a nostalgic chord with audiences and the judges, although this isn’t his first foray on reality TV.

Take a dive into the wonderful journey and world of Seann, a singer with a voice worth listening to.

Has Seann Miley Moore performed on reality TV before?

The Aussie auditioned for The X Factor UK almost seven years ago in 2015, when he was living in London.

The singer only made it to week two, but his impact was felt by the judges.

The singer is pictured here promoting Drag Race Down Under.

(Credit: Instagram)

Has Seann Miley Moore met Rita Ora before?

Rita is one of the judges from The X Factor UK 2015 season who Seann made his biggest impact on.

In fact, the singer brought Rita to tears, and the publication Radio Times reported on her reaction and why she felt so emotional in that special moment.

“He loved it, and he was passionate about it. He didn’t even have to speak. I felt it. I was so relieved that someone had come on the show and showed that kind of individuality,” she said.

“It wasn’t the fact that he did an amazing performance, which he did, it was more of being thankful for individuality and for people being comfortable in their own skin and with who they are. That’s why I cried.”

Unfortunately, Seann couldn’t join Rita’s team on The Voice Australia because Jessica Mauboy blocked her, so she couldn’t pitch.

The contestant ended up choosing Jess to be his judge, and in conversation with Q News, he explained why he chose her to mentor him.

“She’s such an inspiration for a brown sister like me. Having watched her audition she is such an inspiration in all her brownness and fabulousness. I was like I need to go for my homegrown soulful sister Jess,” he explained.

“He loved it, and he was passionate about it. He didn’t even have to speak.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Why did Seann Miley Moore leave Australia for London?

Like many Australians, Seann was forced to move back home after five years away because of the pandemic.

He initially left because he didn’t feel like he could be himself on Aussie soil and that there was more opportunity for him to thrive in London.

“That beginning was sort of my queer liberation and finding my community over in the UK,” he told Q news.

“It was hard growing up here, let me tell you. Queer spaces for us are very limited. My self-expression growing up here was very muted, and I didn’t feel a sense of belonging. So I had to take that butterfly moment to realise all my queerness, all my colour and really connect with my community,” he continued.

“I don’t mind, call me whatever you want, as long as you call me.”

(Credit: Instagram)

What are Seann Miley Moore’s pronouns?

The singer opened up to Perth Now ahead of his performance on The Voice to discuss representation, why respect is what really matters, and his relaxed approach to pronouns.

He told the publication, “To be honest, I don’t mind, I am he, she, they,” Moore said. “My dad calls me he. My girlfriends call me she. I am, I guess, fluid in how I dress. I don’t mind, call me whatever you want, as long as you call me.

“Everyone wants to belong and feel respected. I still get confused with our queer community and the alphabet, but as long as you are respectful and positive and want to learn and change, that is all that matters.”

Seann performing as Angel in Rent.

(Credit: Instagram)

Does Seann Miley Moore already have a singing career?

Seann is best known for his work in theatre, which is how he’s honed his singing skills and garnered local and international attention.

In 2013 he graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and soon after, in 2014, he appeared in a sell-out season of Sweet Charity at Hayes Theatre and Co.

During the same year, he was featured in The King and I for Opera Australia’s Australian Tour.

More recently, he sang at Queens Feast for Heaps Gay during Sydney’s Solstice festival, and he was cast as Angel in the Sydney Opera House production of Rent.

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