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Rita vs Keith: The controversial moment that had Rita Ora reeling after Keith Urban’s sneaky move left her stranded

Is there a feud brewing?
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Last night The Voice was rattled during its final audition when a judge was controversially blocked.

A block occurs when a judge decides they want to bar another judge from being able to pitch to a singer for a spot on their team.

It’s ruthless, it’s savage, and it’s a lot of fun for viewers, but British singer Rita Ora was not impressed by the brutal move, which was played by the hands of nice guy Keith Urban.

It all began when contestant 23-year-old Chantel Cofie blew the minds of all four judges with her original song called 2020.

Rita was understandably unimpressed.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The emotional performance navigated the tragic death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement that resulted in an incredibly moving TV moment.

Jess was the first person to try and convince Chantel to join her team, but all attention shifted to Rita, who appeared furious as she shook her head after realising, she’d been blocked.

The singer exclaimed, “I’m pi**ed.”

“In the words of Boy George last season, you’re dead to me,” she said.

Leaning into the drama, Guy Sebastian was keen on uncovering the blocker.

“Whoa, they’re strong words,” he said. “Who did the block?”

“It was you, wasn’t it?”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Rita’s strong gut instincts kicked in when she turned to good guy Keith to accuse him of the crime, which was given away by his megawatt smile.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” asked the I Will Never Let You Down singer. “You blocked me, didn’t you?”

However, the always well spirited Rita couldn’t stay angry for long when she expressed with a smile, “I knew it! You blocked me!”

“Listen, I am angry, but that doesn’t dispute that that was one of the best auditions I’ve ever seen.”

Next, Keith had to prove his snaky move was worth it when he pitched as hard as possible to have Chantel on his team.

Keith was hopeing the move would secure Chantel on his team.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“You need someone that will kill for you, and I did,” argued the country crooner.

However, his risk did not pay off when the contestant opted for Guy Sebastian to be her mentor.

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