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The reason why The Voice’s Mick Harrington finally proposed to his partner after five years and two daughters

He had a very good reason!
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Having been a couple for more than five years, a wedding was always on the cards for Voice contender Mick Harrington and his partner Bec.

But with two young daughters aged 4 and 17 months, Harrington says finding time to propose had been difficult.

Mick smashed his audition with a rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“Bec fell pregnant with our eldest daughter Bella three months after we got together,” the mowing business owner tells WHO.

“Then Katie came along and so we haven’t had time to marry.”

The 32-year-old got the idea to propose to Bec – whom he met at high school before they reconnected at their 10-year reunion – a few weeks before his audition.

“Bec is super-smart. I knew she’d be distracted by everything going on at The Voice, so it was the only way I could totally surprise her,” he says.

“I just wanted Bec to know how much I love her.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Harrington adds he wanted to make The Voice experience extra special for Bec, as she and the girls drove with him to Sydney from their home in country Victoria for his audition (when pandemic restrictions allowed them to do so).

“It was a massive commitment by her, so I took the ring along with me.”

“I just wanted Bec to know how much I love her. She and the girls mean the world to me,” he says.

Mick singing with one of his daughters.

(Credit: Instagram)

“She said ‘No’ about four times at first, but I think it was because she was in shock!”

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