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EXCLUSIVE: She brought the judges to tears, but Bella Taylor Smith never wanted to pursue a singing career until The Voice changed her life

''It has been a challenging few years.''
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The Voice’s Bella Taylor Smith has moved the judges to tears, become a fan favourite, and she’s secured a spot in the semi-final.

It’s clear to both experts and casual music listeners that Bella has the IT factor.

However, the talent never saw herself becoming a singer until The Voice caught her eye.

Speaking with TV Week, Bella reveals why a tough couple of years changed her relationship with music and made her want to pursue her calling.

The church singer, 23, wasn’t looking for her big break when she was on her computer, going about her day, and an application for the show popped up on her screen.

“The application popped up on my computer, and I thought I would give it a go!

“It has been a challenging few years for everyone, and to have something fun and uplifting to look forward to was a big inspiration for me!” remembers Bella.

Until that fateful moment, she hadn’t thought about singing as a real career path, instead setting her sights set on more practical job avenues.

“It really felt like I was able to journey with the song with Guy and the band.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“I loved (and still love) teaching, and that has always been a path I considered, but for a long time, I wanted to be a midwife.

“Only in the last year or two have I mustered the courage to pursue a career in the music industry,” says Bella.

At the age of 15, Bella realised she loved signing, and now she has blossomed as a performer on Guy Sebastian’s team.

Even though audiences would say Bella smashed her audition and captivated everyone with her Knockout performance, the humble singer credits Guy and the band for helping her feel secure enough to create magic on stage.

“I would have to say that my Knockout was my favourite so far!,” says Bella.

Bella with Guy Sebastian’s top five team.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“It really felt like I was able to journey with the song with Guy and the band, and it got to a beautiful place that moved the audience!

“Personally, any time people feel safe to feel the feelings I am trying to communicate in a performance, [that] is a performance that I am proud of!”

Guy has been an incredible facilitator of Bella’s growth, but she admits that her main source of motivation is a little closer to home.

Bella reveals that her sister, Gabby, is her biggest inspiration on a personal level.

“She is incredibly strong, brave and clever and is a great motivator for me personally to be the best version of myself and to be the best example to her,” tells Bella.

Will Bella take home The Voice crown?

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Beyond inspirations, the one question on every The Voice fan’s lips is: How much choice do contestants have over the songs they sing?

Bella has exclusively revealed to TV Week that it’s a collaborative effort.

“The coaches and music team are incredibly talented and know how to craft beautiful moments on the show,” she explains.

“They openly discuss song choices with us and know what we connect to and love to sing! When it came to song choices for me, Guy was amazing, and I am super grateful for that!

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