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“It’s not the end!” Saraya Mauboy-Hudson speaks out after being cut by Rita Ora on The Voice

We haven't seen the last of Jess Mauboy's mini-me niece
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She made quite the impression in her blind audition for The Voice Australia, with three of the coaches – including her aunty, Jessica Mauboy – turning their big red chairs. But it wasn’t enough for Saraya Mauboy-Hudson to secure a spot in the live rounds.

After choosing to join Team Rita, Saraya was one of many contestants to be eliminated during last night’s “brutal” cut episode.

Viewers were shocked by Rita’s decision not to move forward with Saraya, who, at just 17 years old, boasts impressive vocals and has been compared to Jessica on Australian Idol.

Saraya surprised her ‘Aunty Jess’ on The Voice.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Sweet-natured Saraya responded to the backlash this morning, saying she was so grateful for her opportunity on the show.

“THE CUT! It was hard but honestly very rewarding!” Saraya says. “So proud of all of my beautiful friends that made it through. I am so grateful to have been able to share the stage amongst these talented people, forever rooting for you!”

“That’s the end of my journey but, more importantly, this gave me more of a reason to keep pushing and striving for something I know I am capable of. Its not the end. Thank you Australia for giving me the opportunity.”

“Keep an eye out for more music coming your way soon, love you always my family,” she signed off, hinting at exciting musical projects to come.

Saraya waits backstage with her family.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Saraya previously told TV WEEK she was thrilled to have even made it to the auditions to perform on the iconic stage, having been signed up by one of her friends.

“Stepping on the stage was a dream come true,” she says. “I know that sounds cheesy, but I haven’t had a lot of confidence in singing and being on stage.

“Getting the opportunity to do just that was everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Watching her ‘Aunty Jess’ go from Australian Idol to international stardom, Saraya says she was inspired by her journey.

“I wanted to know what that felt like,” she says.

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Though she chose to join Team Rita, there was no love lost between Saraya and her famous aunt.

“You did it darling Raya!” Jess wrote on Instagram after the blind audition went to air.

“I’m SO very proud of you, your patience, hard work, your attitude, strength, love, nature that you carry with you. Never stray from who you are and always trust and believe and keep learning. Go get it my darling!”

Jess says she’s so “proud” of her niece.

(Image: Channel Seven)

After saying goodbye to Saraya and A LOT of other contestants during ‘The Cut’, each coach has been left with just five acts on their team.

The new ‘cut’ round saw each singer or group given just 30 seconds to impress their coach, before being told whether they could stay or go home.

The swift new format left some viewers stunned, as the contestants were not given the same coaching opportunities they usually were before the old ‘Battle Rounds’, which used to serve as the second step when the show was on Nine.

The remaining acts will now face each other in ‘The Knockouts’ before the final stage of ‘Live Performances’ with the Top Eight. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Voice Australia airs Monday and Tuesday, and Sunday, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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