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The Voice Exclusive: “I’m lucky to be alive”

Maz Green reveals the harrowing details behind her near-death experience.
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She was simply turning into her driveway when a car travelling 100 km/h ploughed into her vehicle and changed The Voice contestant’s life forever.

“I suffered from some injuries and delayed shock, which then morphed into anxiety,” Maz, 26, tells TV WEEK. “Now I am trying to deal with headaches, flashbacks and a locked jaw – it’s been a huge physical strain on my body.”

The singer wants to be an inspiration to others too.

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“I’m just so thankful to be here right now.” Being a singer, songwriter and now performer, a locked jaw has been quite a task to overcome.

“It became this on and off thing that would happen,” the disability worker reveals. “With some coaching from my fiancé and my amazing friends I was able to push through and still find a way to sing.”

Maz Green battling on, in The Voice blinds.

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Maz is usually only comfortable singing in front of her aunty Jacqui who has Down Syndrome and is her biggest fan. But with Jacqui’s support Maz decided it was time to face her fears and audition for The Voice.

“She (Jacqui) has faced significant challenges with a disability and she always shows remarkable resilience and courage,” the Victorian native says.

“She’s taught me that it’s possible to get through adversity with grace and determination.”

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“Witnessing her ability to face and conquer obstacles in her path really inspires me to keep going and confront challenges in my life, no matter how difficult everything might seem at times.”

While stepping on stage before the four coaches Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Jason Derulo and Rita Ora would deter many, Maz was able to persevere.

Maz’s greatest supporters are her fiancé Ryan and aunt Jacqui.

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“Despite my anxiety, I just remembered that I’m not just pursuing my passion, but I’m also inspiring and motivating others to face their fears and overcome their own challenges too,” she says.

“I saw it as a testament to how transformative music can be and the power in sharing my voice and story.”

Jessica Mauboy is happy to be back for a third season coaching some of the country’s finest talent alongside her new friend.

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“Jason Derulo is joining us, and he is this huge energy,” the 33-year-old says. “He’s genuinely very different from what many people see on his music videos – we get to see a very vulnerable side of him this season.”

“We’ve written a song called Give You Love together,” Jessica Mauboy reveals. “I will be touring next year, he wants to tour, so there might be a chance we get to collaborate again.”

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The Secret Daughter star says she would love to do another scripted drama. “It’s all about casting and being with the right team,” Jessica says.

“There’s a whole lot of pressure making a show or a film. It’s all about personalities, charisma, and how they combine, and it can be a beast.” “It’s such a different experience to doing The Voice and I love both, but I would do another script in a heartbeat.”

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