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The Voice finalists release music ahead of the finale.

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All four of The Voice finalists have come out with original music ahead of the finale!

The contestants are given the opportunity now to show audiences what they would sound like as an independent artist.

The four finalists have decided to put out music ahead of The Voice finale Australia 2023.

(Credit: Seven)

Taryn Stokes

Tarryn Stokes released an emotional track called Nobody, a piano ballad to showcase her intense vocals.

The track is very inspired by old-school Alicia Keys with a very universal meaning.

When asked if the song was a breakup song Tarryn replied “Nobody is more than just a breakup song, to me it is about breaking up with the things or people in your life that are no longer good for you. Listening to your inner voice and being confident when speaking out, singing out. I hope it resonates and encourages everyone who listens.”

Tarryn Stokes – Nobody

(Credit: Apple Music)

Ezra Williams

Ezra Williams has an amazing voice usually known for her R&B/Soul sound but has chosen to take a pop approach to her single.

Her coach Jessica Mauboy would’ve been a big inspiration behind her songwriting and sound as it definitely sounds like it could be one of her tracks.

Ezra believes, “This song represents struggle, mistakes you make, challenges you need to accept, and owning and overcoming them. Life teaches us to make mistakes, if you don’t make them, how do you grow?”

Ezra Williams – Mistakes

(Credit: Apple Music)

Charlie Pittman

Charlie Pittman is an extremely talented songwriter and he really leans into that in his new single Stone Cold.

This song could be easily confused with a Lewis Capaldi early single with his voice shining through and compliments the lyrics.

He had a lot more input on the track, “I was fortunate enough to add to the track and work with two incredible producers.”

He explained, “The song is about trying to let go of a relationship in the kindest way for both sides. Still having love for someone but knowing that the best way to move forward is to cut it off.”

Charlie Pittman – Stone Cold

(Credit: Apple Music)

Ethan Beckton

Ethan Beckton’s single Lighthouse is probably the least like his coach Jason Derulo.

He explains, “Lighthouse holds a personal meaning to me as an artist. The track speaks to coming out of a bad place and finding the light. Working alongside the amazing producers who supported my ideas made the song even more special.”

Lighthouse is very emotional in a similar way to Charlie and Tarryn.

Ethan Beckton – Lighthouse

(Credit: Apple Music)

These singles really will give an idea to audiences and judges who truly deserve the $100,000 and the recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

Voting lines are now open and audiences can vote for their favourite artist by texting their name to 0417 779 677.

Watch The Voice Finale on Sunday, October 8 at 7:00 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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