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Who won The Voice Australia 2023?

Congratulations Tarryn Stokes!
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We have seen many talented singers throughout The Voice Australia 2023 although only one can win the Grand Finale and become a star.

Which judge will come out on top Jessica Mauboy, Jason Derulo, Guy Sebastian, or Rita Ora?

The winner is none other than… Tarryn Stokes!

Tarryn Stokes has won The Voice Australia 2023!

(Image: Channel Seven)

After Tarryn’s amazing victory, she expressed her gratitude towards Rita saying it wouldn’t be possible without her. She broke down in tears and went to hug her family after this amazing win.

Tarryn sang an incredibly beautiful and powerful cover of ‘All By Myself’ by Celine Dion and by the end, the crowd already had their sights set on Tarryn to win.

Tarryn is a 40-year-old vocal coach now taking her own shot at fame.

She had a promising start to her career and was even approached by Guy Sebastian’s wife Jules to sing on his 2009 track ‘Like It Like That’ before she put it all on hold to focus on her beautiful family.

From Whittlesea, Victoria Tarryn first performed ‘She Used to Be Mine’ by Sara Bareilles during her blind audition and now… well her life has been changed forever.

As the winner of The Voice Australia 2023, Tarryn will not only take home an outstanding $100,000 in prize money but also a recording contract with Universal Music Australia that will make her dream of being a professional artist come true.

Tarryn singing ‘Simply The Best’ by Tina Turner with their coach Rita Ora.

(Image: Channel Seven)

There were mixed predictions on who would win the 2023 singing competition, especially after the four finalists released their own original music ahead of the finale.

On TV Week’s Instagram poll, fans had predicted Tarryn to win leading with 44 per cent, 368 votes. And yet again, the fans are always right!

The coaches had revealed their expectations and hopes for their singers ahead of the finale.

Finalists Charlie, Tarryn, Ezra and winner Ethan of The Voice Australia 2023.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Guy spoke highly of Charlie regardless of the finale, “Charlie inspires me as an artist. He has tenderness, he’s got power, he’s such a great storyteller.” Charlie explained, “I know my dad would want me to give this everything I’ve got and really make him proud; I really want to win more than anything.”

Jason knows that regardless of the result, Ethan has star potential, “Ethan has something you can’t teach…He has the it factor and an amazing future ahead of him.” Ethan admitted, “I didn’t think in a million years I would ever be here. To win The Voice would be a dream come true.”

“Ezra has a way of engaging and getting through to people’s hearts but also making them want to leap out of their chairs. It’s a magical quality.” Ezra released a radio-worthy single, titled ‘Mistakes’. “Winning The Voice would change my life completely,”

“Tarryn’s sacrificed time with her kids to make her dream come true. She is undoubtedly one of the best singers I’ve seen on a show like this.” Rita won The Voice last year with her contestant Lachie Gill who now has over 93K monthly listeners on Spotify.

Tarryn revealed she wanted to win because “I want people to know that they can still pursue their dreams as parents. I really want to win.”

All her wishes came true! Rita has now won The Voice for the second year in a row.

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