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Congratulations! Bella Taylor Smith is announced the winner of The Voice 2021

Her performance was incredible.
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Bella Taylor Smith has officially been crowned the winner of The Voice Australia 2021 after her mind-blowing performances won Australia’s heart.

She is taking home a $100,00 cash prize and a lucrative recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

After finding out she had won the competition Bella said, “I just am so thankful and I can’t wait to see what incredible things are ahead of me, and I am really thankful for you and everyone who voted.”

Earlier in the show, before her grand win her devoted mentor Guy Sebastian asked Bella to be a part of his upcoming tour.

After their beautiful performance, Guy said, “It would be an honour for me to have you. You don’t have to answer now.”

Of course, Bella was overwhelmed with joy when she replied, “I can answer now that would be incredible, thank you.”

The popular season has featured some of the most incredible vocalists the show has ever had, and in the end, we were blessed with four insane acts to vote for.

Bella Taylor Smith on Team Guy Sebastian, Arlo Sim on Team Keith Urban, Mick Harrington on Team Jess Mauboy, and G-Nat!on on Team Rita Ora have all stunned audiences with their unique gifts.

They have gifted us iconic highlights we will be thinking about for a long time, and it’s worth mentioning that this year the judges have gotten on swimmingly.

There wasn’t a single cheating scandal to damage the show’s integrity.

Bella was a star since day one.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

From the first moment she stepped onto The Voice stage Bella Taylor Smith was a fan favourite.

The 23-year-old’s rendition of Beyonce’s Ave Maria moved the judges to tears as they all spun their chairs for her.

A gobsmacked Rita Ora said, “I will never, probably ever, forget this audition. Honestly, that was a truly amazing performance.”

And Keith Urban told Bella he could feel how much the song meant to her, “There are things that you’ve been through, and I don’t even know what they are yet, but I could hear them, and I could definitely feel them.”

Arlo Sims shone brightest during his turn in the knockout rounds with his performance of Billie Eilish’s idontwannabeyouanymore.

Twitter went crazy for the singer, with one fan writing, “Wow, sensational,” and another wrote, “Dreamy.”

Speaking with Who Magazine, Arlo explained why the song made him tear up.

“It’s all empathy… Feeling what somebody else is feeling.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“It’s all empathy… Feeling what somebody else is feeling. I don’t relate so much personally to this song, but I do have an imagination, and I have had loss,” he told the publication.

The girls of G-Nat!on had already made history as the first group to make it to The Voice’s semi-finals.

Isla Ward, 17, Taylah Silvestri, 18, Emma Caporaso, 18, Mateja Sardelis, 16, Alessia Musolino, 17 and Rylee Vormelker, 17, thoroughly entertained Australia with their performance of Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings.

However, the real highlight of the group is their message of female empowerment.

In conversation with TV Week, one sixth of G-Nat!on, Rylee Vormelker spoke about why they want to uplift other girls.

“We felt that especially being in the group, there was a massive stigma around girls supporting girls and that there wasn’t enough of it,” she said.

“So, we wanted to get together as a group to show young girls around Australia and around the world that if we stand up and just support each other, it will make for a stronger message.”

The girls have incredible stage presence and vocals.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Lastly, there is no denying that Mick Harrington has a captivating voice, and his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy was divine.

But who can forget the moment Mick proposed to his partner Bec after five years together and two daughters?

It was obviously a heartwarming moment, and speaking with TV Week, Mick explained why The Voice was his only chance to pop the question without making his fiancé suspicious.

“It was the only way I could totally surprise her.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“Bec is super-smart. I knew she’d be distracted by everything going on at The Voice, so it was the only way I could totally surprise her,” he said.

And that’s a wrap on The Voice 2021!

There were highs, lows, tears and, of course, show-stopping moments. Now, we wait to see what these talented singers will achieve.

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