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Everything you need to know about Channel 10’s The Traitors season two

From host, cast, dates and filming locations.
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Channel Ten has confirmed that reality series, The Traitors Australia will be returning for season two in 2023.

But what is The Traitors and how does the network plan on revamping the series which they described as “bigger than ever”?

Season two returns in 2023.

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What is The Traitors concept?

It is a game where only the most cunning contestants enter to compete in a game of deception. The Australian version is based off the original Dutch reality show, De Verraders which received positive reviews.

In what has been described as a “bloodthirsty” game, a group of 20 plays known as ‘Faithfuls’ will enter a grand hotel where they will live and work together.

However, the biggest obstacle between the ‘Faithfuls’ and silver bars worth up to $250,000 is the ‘Traitors’ living amongst them.

These ‘Traitors’ will be doing everything in their power to remain undetected and eliminate the ‘Faithful’ until they are the last ones standing.

Rodger Corser is returning to host season two.

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Who are the cast?

The Traitors host, Rodger Corser will return for season two along with a bunch of fresh faces ready to deceive and lie to win the competition.

The cast includes Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier, television host Ash Pollard, Underbelly’s Gyton Grantley and motivational speaker Paul de Gelder.

Australian wrestler Simone Williams, content creator Ian Zaro will be joined by some interesting characters who have no doubt dealt with some troubling characters in their day-to-day job including manager Annabel, police officer Keith, beer sales manager Blake, disability support worker Gloria.

Lawyer Angelia who was a representative in Miss International Australia 2022 will join the game with insurance disputes manager Elias, nurse Corrine, marketing consultant Sam, former federal agent Camilla, graphic designer Paeden, clinical psychotherapist Sarah, sparky Liam and Roha.

However, the name which will undoubtedly cause a stir in the game is none other than Australian Survivor star and Big Brother VIP winner Luke Toki, who is ready for a new challenge.

When will season two premiere?

Channel Ten is yet to confirm the air date for season two of The Traitors. However, the first season premiered in mid-October 2022, and we can presume the new season will air roughly around the same time.

WATCH: The Traitors season one winner, Alexandra Duggan. Article continues after video.

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Where can I watch season two?

When released, fans can watch the new season on Network 10 and 10Play.

Meanwhile, fans who want to relive the brilliance of season one or new comers that want a taste of what to expect in the 2023 season can head to 10Play to watch the first season of The Traitors.

Where is The Traitors filmed in Australia?

The hotel was built in 1924.

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Channel 10 has confirmed season two will be filming at the same hotel featured in season one, The Robertson Hotel.

Located in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands, the stunning hotel was built in 1924 and was named the “most luxurious hotel” just one year later.

“From the red carpet, to the ornate timber frames, oversized wood fireplaces, higher-than-high ceilings and a jaw-droppingly ornate chandelier, you will pinch yourself at the building’s beauty, history and intricate details,” it read on their website.

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