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EXCLUSIVE: The Masked Singer’s Urzila Carlson’s experience in hotel quarantine wasn’t like you’d expect

She's never been busier.
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When Urzila Carlson was asked to join The Masked Singer as a panellist, she never anticipated the hurdles she would face to get there.

Speaking to TV WEEK from a Sydney hotel,where she was in mandatory quarantine after flying in from New Zealand, the comedian says her role on season two was confirmed only within 24 hours of her flight.

“Lindsay [Lohan, who appeared on the first season] wasn’t able to travel and I could, so it really all came down to that,” Urzila (left), 44, explains.

“We were able to get a visa approved and within 24 hours I was on a flight to Australia. It all happened so fast.”

While Urzila was confined to a hotel room for two weeks, she’s relished the quiet time. However, she does miss her wife Julie and two children, who are at home.

“I FaceTime the kids every day, but I’m not going to bring them here,” the South African-born New Zealander explains.

“Normally I would, but these are extraordinary times and I don’t want to expose them to anything. I’d never forgive myself.”

Urzila’s role on season two was confirmed only within 24 hours of her flight.

Thankfully, Urzila is easily distracted by the weirdly wonderful world of The Masked Singer. She joins host Osher Günsburg and judging panellists Dannii Minogue, Jackie “O” Henderson and Dave Hughes to guess which celebrity performer is behind the costume.

“I’ve been investigating who could be on the show… I want to be able to tell who it is as soon as they walk out and say to myself, ‘I recognise those thighs!'” Urzila says with a laugh.

“But it’s all good fun. All four judges already know each other and we have a great dynamic. I’m enjoying it. When you work with mates, it’s never work.”

Urzila is killing the career game, with a stand-up tour, Netflix special and spot on The Masked Singer.

With a stand-up tour, Netflix special and spot on The Masked Singer – plus regular appearances on Have You Been Paying Attention? – all secured in the past 12 months, Urzila’s career is going places.

But she insists that success won’t ever change who she is. Plus, her family are unlikely to let her get a big ego.

“When I was growing up, Mum said to me, ‘Life is 10 per cent how you get it and 90 per cent how you make it.’ I’ve always kept that in the back of my mind,” Urzila says.

“My family are proud, but they keep you grounded. I’m often talking to people about work while changing dirty nappies as the dog is trying to steal them, and my children are running around the house.

“It’s chaos, so there’s no point in getting a big head.”

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