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EXCLUSIVE: The common link that brought The Masked Singer’s Dannii Minogue and Lindsay Lohan together

''It's only like a handful of people!"
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With The Masked Singer Australia premiering tonight, no one is more excited than the show’s guessing panel, made up of comedian Dave Hughes, radio star Jackie O, Aussie superstar Dannii Minogue and American actress, Lindsay Lohan.

And while we love us some Hughesy jokes, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that having Lindsay “The Parent Trap” Lohan on board wasn’t the most exciting thing to happen to us.

In fact, if you thought you were pumped for LiLo’s appearance on the Network Ten show, you’re not fellow panellist and mega superstar Dannii, who was just as thrilled to be working alongside the Mean Girls actress.

In an interview with Now to Love, Dannii opened up about what it was like to work with the actress and revealed the common link they shared.

“Of course, everybody’s wondering how she got on with the rest of the guessing panel and the crew,” Dannii admitted.

“But she was awesome. She was really warm and easy and hearing her voice for the first time – because it’s so distinctive and we’ve grown up hearing her voice -so, when she spoke, it was like that moment you go, ‘she’s really here!'”

“She was awesome!” Dannii added.

Both Lindsay and the former Australia’s Got Talent judge were child actors, a commonality which strengthened their bond above just working with one another.

“I had a good chat to her about the fact that there’s not many people that I know that started as young as we did,” she said.

“And then to just kept working in that industry and still be working that industry – there’s only like a handful of people. And I was really interested to meet her,” Dannii said.

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Dannii Minogue and Lindsay Lohan on the set of The Masked Singer Australia.

(Source: Network Ten)

The friendship between the guessing panel is still going strong, with Lindsay, Dannii, Jackie O and Hughesy still keep in touch via a group chat on WhatsApp.

Dannii revealed the titbit while playing NW’s Never Have I Ever game, admitting that she “loves me some WhatsApp!” (WATCH in the player above).

Dannii said the vibe on set was always upbeat and fun between the celeb guessing panellists.

“The girls loved to get up and dance and Hughesy, he just can’t dance,” Dannii said with a laugh.

“At one point he said, ‘can you guys please, just please, just not get up and dance today because you know how bad I am and when the three of you get up, if I don’t get up, then I look bad. But when I get up and dance, I look even worse’.

“So, he was in a no win situation. But it was good. There was a good friendship enough to the point that we could really have a laugh with each other. You’ve got to be able to know someone well to do that.”

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According to the This Is It singer, working on the show was “the easiest and most fun” job she’s ever had.

“I didn’t have to prepare anything. I didn’t have to mentor. I didn’t have to choose songs, go to rehearsals and do all of the work that goes into these songs. I just got to show up and have fun. So yes, it was incredible. At the end of filming I was like, was that really a job? I mean can you call that a job?”

The Masked Singer airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, on Network 10.

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