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Whoops! The Masked Singer’s costume designer just revealed which celebrity is under the Kitten mask

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This story, of course, comes with a very big SPOLIER WARNING.

The Masked Singer is constantly impressing viewers with dazzling performances from its mask-clad stars.

But it’s the guessing game of who is under each of those masks that really keeps fans coming back for more.

Now, the game might be up for the yet-to-be-revealed star in the pink kitten costume, thanks to a slip up by the show’s costume designer while live on radio.

Kitten’s identity has accidentally been revealed.

(Channel Ten)

Award winning designer, Tim Chappel, known for his work on The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Miss Congeniality and The Dressmaker, appeared on 2GB radio in Sydney with Deborah Knight to discuss the show when the faux pas occurred.

Questioning whether Tim knew which celebrities he was designing costumes for, Deborah asked: “For example, were you told that … Julia Morris would be on the show and you would design a pink kitten for her, because it’s Julia Morris isn’t it?”

To which Tim may have accidentally responded: “Ah, yeah, yeah it was Julia Morris. And didn’t she make the most amazing pink kitten? She was just so fabulous in that costume.”

“But to answer your question, no, we design all the costumes first and then we get the cast and then we shoehorn the cast into the costumes,” he then added.

Julia Morris, is that you?

(Channel Ten)

Fans have already been convinced the kitten is Julia Morris thanks to her uncanny vocal resemblance and series of clues.

“Are the judges contractually obligated to suggest other people when it’s quite obvious Julia Morris is Kitten?” one fan commented during a recent performance.

“Gotta be Julia Morris for kitten. Apart from the fact it just sounds like her, she got married in Vegas,” another wrote in reference to the clue: “Breaks always came when I least expected it. But I really hit the jackpot in Vegas.”

Julia and husband Dan Thomas wed in Vegas in 2005.


Another clue that sparked the theory: “My early career was unforgettable. I guess that’s why I was on the meds.”

One eager fan pointed out it may be a reference to her gig on TV show, House Husbands.

“Kitten is Julia Morris. The reference to meds could be because she played a nurse on house husbands,” they commented.

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