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The Masked Singer Australia 2020: Every single celebrity behind the mask, revealed!

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There’s no denying 2020 has been quite the year. But now, we’ve been given some much needed escapism in the form of season two of The Masked Singer Australia.

The hotly-anticipated singing show officially returned to our screens this week and fans have wasted no time taking to Twitter to participate in the nation’s favourite guessing game.

BREAKING NEWS: Finally unmasked! Bushranger wins The Masked Singer Australia 2020

With 12 new celebrities decked to the nines in elaborate costumes and cryptic clues aplenty, theories are flying all over the shop as to who the 2020 masked singers just may be.

Filming is currently taking place in COVID-hit Melbourne, which means security is water-tight to ensure a COVIDSafe set and absolutely no leaks.

Celebrity panellist Dave Hughes, who joins the likes of radio star Jackie “O” Henderson, singer Dannii Minogue and comedian Urzila Carlson on the guessing panel, admits he has no idea who any of the talent are, but knows the A-list names this year are top-notch.

“I’ve been told the first series did so well that every singer has put their hand up to get involved now, so the quality apparently is really good,” Hughsie has said.

“I think it’s just a really fun format. I’m excited to see who’s under the masks as much as anyone is. On the judging panel, the guessing panel, or whatever you want to call it, we’ve got no idea. I really think the whole ‘who the hell is it?’ is the secret to the show. The secrecy is next-level,” the funnyman added.

In the premiere episode, retired tennis ace Mark Philippoussis was unveiled as the first celebrity singer masquerading as the echidna!

So as more names are revealed each week, keep scrolling as we round up exactly who every single celebrity is on the 2020 series of The Masked Singer Australia.

(Images: Channel 10)

Bushranger: Say hello to the one and only singer and Neighbours actress and your new Masked Singer winner, Bonnie Anderson.

(Images: Getty, Channel 10)

The Queen: With her ethereal and haunting voice on full display, it’s long been suspected The Queen was Kate Miller-Heidke. And on Monday night’s finale, the show’s worst kept secret was finally let out of the bag!

(Images: Getty, Channel 10)

Frillneck: The perfect pairing! Coming in at third place, Frillneck was confirmed to be the immeasurably talented singer-songwriter, pianist, comedian, writer and actor Eddie Perfect.

(Image: Channel 10)

Puppet: The strings came off for the Puppet, who ended up being Red Wiggle Simon Pryce, 48.

(Image: Channel 10)

Julia Morris

Kitten: This furry pal managed to Catfish (geddit?) panellist Urzila Carlson by pretending to be anywhere but on stage. Unluckily, the one and only Julia Morris was eventually unmasked – and thus, her centre stage dream was quashed… for now.

(Image: Channel 10)

Cactus: Her energetic rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s ballad Total Eclipse Of The Heart just wasn’t enough to prickle the fancy of the judging panel and the voters, meaning actress and singer Lucy Durack, 37, was revealed to be the cactus.

(Image: Channel 10)

Wizard: No amount of sorcery could save the wizard after his punchy performance of Pink’s Raise Your Glass. The man behind the magic ended up being 2016 X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace, 20.

(Image: Channel 10)

Dragonfly: Fans were bang on the money! In an unmasking we all saw coming, Dragonfly was confirmed to be former Bardot songstress turned actress/presenter/Bachelorette, Sophie Monk, 40.

Sloth: The adorable sloth was none other than singer-songwriter Katie Noonan, 43.

(Image: Channel 10)

Goldfish: Despite a killer performance, Goldfish was ultimately flushed down the toilet and revealed to be iconic singer Christine Anu, 50.

(Image: Channel 10)

Hammerhead: Sadly, cricket spinner Michael Bevan, 50, was bowled out on the second episode.

(Image: Channel 10)

Echidna: In the show’s very first episode, the prickly mammal was unveiled as retired tennis champ Mark Philippoussis, 43.

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The Masked Singer Australia 2020: Who is Goldfish?

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