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The Masked Singer Australia has crowned their winner for 2023!

Who's behind the mask?
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The Masked Singer Australia 2023 season has seen many local and international celebrities be unmasked but it all came down to the Grim Reaper, Bouncer and Snow Fox battling it out in the finale.

After one of the toughest seasons of the show, one wickedly talented winner has been unmasked.

Dami Im has been unmasked as Snow Fox and crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2023!

(Credit: Ten)

The winner of the 2023 season is former X-Factor winner, Dami Im as Snow Fox!

Runner up to Dami was the Grim Reper unmasked to be Pop legend, Darren Hayes.

And in third place, Singer-songwriter, Conrad Swell was revealed to be under the mask of Bouncer.

This might not come as a surprise to many as Snow Fox was the fan favourite on SportsBet to win from the beginning.

Dami Im’s Celebrity Masterchef co-star, Chrissy Swan was the only judge to guess her identity revealing it was by the way she walked.

Chrissy explained that the way Snow Fox was walking was similar to the way a woman who just had a baby, and Dami had recently had a child.

Runners-up to The Masked Singer winner were Darren Hayes as the Grim Reaper and Conrad Swell under the Bouncer mask.

(Credit: Ten)

Her powerhouse vocals won over fans from the beginning, delivering some of the best diva moments!

After her unmasking Dami explained, “I actually won X-Factor here on this same stage 10 years ago – exactly 10 years ago,” Dami revealed,

“My Dami army have been seeing me at live shows and all my music and albums but they’re like, ‘When are you going to sing on TV? Do more TV!’ and here I am giving it to you!”

In 2016 Dami Im represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest, delivering the country’s best result with second place for her ballad ‘Song of Silence’.

She shared a sweet moment with Spice Girl, Mel B explaining, “I didn’t speak a word of English but I learned to speak by listening to the Spice Girls songs and also learned really bad grammar because of it!”

Dami thanked her fans after explaining that The Masked Singer 2023 was even crazier than when she competed at Eurovision saying, “I’m sure my fans watching this will be really, really proud of me as well!”

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