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EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Sully reveals the reason there were tears after her elimination

''I can't do this!''
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Mel B was adamant that Fawn on The Masked Singer Australia was indeed the previous judge Jackie O Henderson. Much of the public was sure it would be seemingly anyone else.

After all, it was Sandra Sully all along!

Sandra Sully is very humble about her singing ability, saying: “Even though I had singing lessons, it hasn’t changed my reality. I know I don’t have a singing voice and I’m okay with it.”

The competition clearly wasn’t a career move for Sandra, she admitted to originally not wanting to go on the show and that her husband was the one to convince her.

Sandra Sully as FAWN!

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“He kept reminding me, what do I have to lose? With this show at least no one was going to die the worst thing that can happen is you bomb a performance.” She explained by comparing The Masked Singer to I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Australia.

She continues, “I didn’t need to prove to people that I’m a human being but it was about challenging myself in a professional way.”

Sandra touches on that the competition was a good break from her constant reading of serious news saying, “I love what I do but you do always have to find a way to get context.”

“You do need to find a way to balance your life and just giggle and have fun.”

Although would she ever do it again? No. When asked if she would make a debut on any reality TV show in the future she laughs and says, “Let me think about it, NO!”

Sandra Sully looks stunning in red at the 2023 Logies.

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The night of the performance was indeed a huge challenge for Sandra, but the singing lessons were extremely tough.

The reporter had to use a friend’s apartment to have her lessons at to ensure secrecy which just so happened to be in the same apartment as judge Dave Hughes.

She often got emotional during the lessons, recalling: “I remember stopping in tears because I could hear myself and how bad it was.”

After revealing herself on the show, Sandra shed a tear, however, it wasn’t because she was eliminated but rather she was proud of herself for competing.

Season five of Sandra Sully’s podcast, Short Black is out now on Apple Podcasts!

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“The tears weren’t because I was eliminated, I was relieved I had gotten through it,” she said.

The process would be extremely taxing with the lessons, the performance and also keeping up the secrecy.

“I had to tell so many lies, I felt so bad!”

As for the future currently, she is focusing on her podcast incredibly inspiring podcast, Short Black where she interviews inspiring women from a range of different backgrounds and industries.

Listen to Short Black with Sandra Sully now on Apple Podcasts!

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