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The Block has a fresh face on the 2023 judging panel! But who is Marty Fox?

Meet the real estate tycoon taking on The Block.
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There is a new kid joining The Block in 2023, but who is the real estate tycoon Marty Fox? And will be sticking around?

There have been numerous rumours flying around regarding Marty’s involvement in the reality renovation series.

Marty will be featuring on The Block in 2023.

(Image: Nine)

But all was confirmed when alum Neale Whitaker took to Instagram to reveal he wouldn’t feature on the show as often as his partner David was suffering from “serious health issues.”

In his stead is Marty! Which means The Block will technically see four judges critique the contestants homes.

“I’m happy to announce that real estate guru Marty Fox has been able to bring his expertise to The Block and join Shaynna and Darren on the weeks when I couldn’t be there,” Neale wrote.

So, who is the new judge on The Block? Well, he isn’t a complete newcomer to the show after being present at last year’s auction as Rachel and Ryan’s listing agent and auctioneer.

Neale revealed Marty would follow in his stead on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

He also auctioned Harry and Tash’s home back in 2020 who walked away with $650,000 in prize money.

In an interview with Elite Agent, Marty revealed he joined the industry at just 21-years-old and worked tirelessly for years to earn a reputation.

“I was an unknown name in real estate even after 10 years of working seven days a week,” he told the publication.

After roughly 14 years in the industry, there’s no doubt Marty has become a recognisable name amongst industry professionals.

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In 2017, he founded and became the CEO of Melbourne-based company WHITEFOX. The real estate company so successful it turned down listings under $3 million within its first two years according to Elite Agent.

In 2023, the company expanded to New Zealand with a agency open in Queenstown and a second office expected to open in Auckland.

According to his website, Marty has settled $600 million in sales, with an average sale price of $3.6 million and a staggering $49.6 million record.

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