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Meet the five teams joining The Block in 2023

Who will win this year?
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Contestants from all walks of life are joining The Block in 2023, for their chance to take home a hefty prize in the “Golden Era” season.

Not only has Channel Nine teased a shock twist in this year’s competition, but the network is also getting creative with its marketing after taking the contestants and judges back in time for the promo (seen above).

Points for creativity – but what is the twist? The 2023 couples have been given the full renovation schedule ahead of time. Something that – despite being longed for – has never been done before.

Scotty and Shelly are returning in 2023.

(Image: Instagram)

“In a Block first, this year we give all teams their full building schedule ahead of time,” revealed Scott Cam. “Buckle up, Australia.”

The teams will also have to build a secondary accommodation on their sites, which will add value to their homes. But it will also add more stress and drama… perfect!

We can’t wait until August 6, when the show will premiere on Channel Nine. For more information on this year’s competition, click here.

However, for more information on the lucky – or unfortunate – souls entering this year’s competition, continue scrolling.

Eliza Paschke and Liberty Paschke – Purple Team

Eliza and Liberty are from VIC.

(Image: Nine)

Sisters in high intensity environments are a breeding ground for arguments, but could Eliza and Liberty beat these odds?

While we will have to wait and see, Yahoo Lifestyle sources revealed these two are competitive, ambitious and try as they might to avoid drama, the drama finds them.

But an aspect that is on these Victorians side is the PR knowledge up their sleeves. Eliza has been Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s assistant for a decade and has a podcast with former MAFS star Carly Bowyer.

Gianpietro Ottavio and Steph Ottavio – Blue team

Gian and Steph are from NSW.

(Image: Nine)

We love balance in a marriage, and it seems these two really balance each other out. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, 27-year-old architect Steph is ready to ruthlessly compete meanwhile start-up worker Gian, 27, wants to avoid conflict.

The happily married couple and childhood sweethearts from NSW are aiming to set themselves apart from the competition as they bring Japanese influence to The Block in 2023.

When asked by Nine why they joined the competition, Steph revealed: “The reason we wanted to go on The Block was because we renovated our house last year and fell in love with the process,” Steph said.

Kyle Cottone and Leslie Cottone – Green Team

Kyle and Leslie are from WA.

(Image: Nine)

Leslie, 34, and Kyle, 36, heard the phrase ‘Go Big or Go Home’ and really ran with it. Yahoo Lifestyle reported the couple from WA will be ambitious with their style, which could come off as unusual.

Our curiosity has peaked!

The happy parents of two children applied for the show five times before their “one last chance”.

“It’s the ultimate challenge,” Leslie told Nine. “Obviously there is the opportunity of financial reward at the end, but there are the rewards of everything you go through before that.”

Leah Milton and Ash Milton – Yellow Team

Leah and Ash are from QLD.

(Image: Nine)

Watch out for these two Blockheads because they’ve already got plenty of experience in home renovations.

The parents of three co-founded The Milton Project, which is a local business that offers renovation, design and building services. The parents told Nine they couldn’t wait to step out of the comfort zone on The Block.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what we are capable of,” Leah said.

“We’ve done the process of building renovations many, many times, but this is on a whole new level.”

Kirsty Beams and Brett Beam – Red Team

Kirsty and Brett are from SA.

(Image: Nine)

Could the red team be this season’s red flag? These Adeladians will clash with the other 2023 teams and will do anything to get the job done. According to Nine, Kirsty and Brett won’t be too far from the drama in the upcoming season.

“It’s the unknown that is exciting for us,” Kristy said.

“In our roles back in Adelaide we have done it for so long, and you don’t get out of your comfort zone. But with this there is such an unknown and we are looking forward to that.”

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