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The Block fans are divided after Tom and Sarah-Jane received ‘special treatment’

''Rules only apply if it makes enough drama.''
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The Block fans are divided after contestants Tom and Sarah-Jane blatantly ignored competition rules. Even going so far as asking why the pair aren’t disqualified?

The married couple were spotted using power tools on a public holiday, which is against the rules on The Block.

Fans are divided.

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Fans were not impressed by the double standards; earlier on in the season, Keith had a clear conversation with Oz and Omar involving the same situation.

“Rules only apply if it makes enough drama,” one commented.

“As was clearly established earlier in the season with Keith’s conversation with O+O, power tools are anything that requires power, except drills.”

“They are excluded from such rules because of the special Tom&SJ Clause that has been used multiple times this year by Scotty, Keith, Dan and all the judges,” another wrote.

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One disappointed fan said that Tom “did the same mom no, dad yes routine” and received no repercussions. Meanwhile Oz and Omar suffered a lot of backlash.

However, another fan seemed to be extremely offended by the “why aren’t Tom and Sara-Jane disqualified?” question and wrote: “Tom asks Dan, a foreman; Dan says yes; you want to disqualify Tom? F— off.”

This isn’t the first time The Block fans have been divided over Tom and Sarah-Jane. They copped backlash weeks ago after they had their eyes on a bigger prize: legendary real estate agent David Wood, who has sold more winning houses on The Block than anyone else.

“We were like, ‘Hey, that’s David – let’s go have a chat!'” Tom, 34, told TV WEEK. “He turned out to be really lovely.”

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The couple snuck off to make a secret phone call during a barbecue at Oz and Omar’s house to see if their new best friend would represent them in the upcoming Block auctions.

“We knew some of the others were interested in him, so we wanted to lock him in,” Sarah-Jane, 30, said.

“Once we had that chat, we thought, ‘Well, we might just keep this one to ourselves.’ So we went back to the barbecue and said nothing.”

Although the pair are known for their laidback attitude, this was a clear demonstration that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to win.

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