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The Block’s fiery feud continues! Sharon and Ankur’s builder blasts the couple as “lazy” and reveals their biggest mistake

''It's really not a house for a lazy couple that have never done a physical day's work in their lives.''
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The fiery feud between The Block‘s Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra and their builders is showing no signs of slowing down!

The drama started earlier this week when the embattled couple claimed their builders had stolen supplies from them.

Now, builder Liam Hopkin has broken his silence and hit back at claims that he and his fellow tradies were “lazy and unsupportive”.

Sharon and Ankur claimed their tradies haven’t supported them.

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“Unfortunately the great work done by all tradies has been overshadowed by the drama,” he said in a post on Facebook.

Liam went on to say that Sharon and Ankur’s “first mistake” on the show was choosing house three, which is “huge compared to the others”.

“The budget was always going to be strained due to the sheer size. It’s really not a house for a lazy couple that have never done a physical day’s work in their lives,” he continued, referencing Sharon and Ankur’s previous admission that they have no building experience.

“Budget is an aim of the show. They would have to work so much harder than the others just to try to level the financial playing field. This did not happen.”

Liam went on to say that Sharon was “unapproachable” when he tried to raise issues with her.

Builder Liam has slammed the couple as “lazy” and said they bit off more than they can chew.

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“Many things were left unsaid because we knew the reaction we would get. We put forward costings to try and help but [they acted like] they had an endless budget,” he said.

Liam also hit back at “the constant lies” that he and his fellow tradies were “never on site”, blasting the claims made by Sharon and Ankur as “a joke”.

The experienced builder said it was “really bad timing” that the plasterers went on their lunchbreak at the same time as him, prompting a phone call from foreman Keith.

“That day was 7am to 10pm with a dramatic 30minute lunchbreak,” he said.

Liam went on to say that the couple wasted valuable budget money to pay one of the apprentices to clean up for them.

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“I had an apprentice three days a week cleaning for them. This is all money that could have been saved,” he said.

But there is certainly no love lost between the builders and Sharon and Ankur. On Wednesday night’s episode, Sharon pointed the finger at her tradies and their lackluster work ethic.

“Then we’ve got these builders who are f–king idiots,” she complained to a friend over the phone, Ankur chiming in, “They’re a—-holes.”

“Basically, they’re lazy, they don’t want to work past 5pm, one of them doesn’t want to work on Saturdays, whatever.”

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