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“They just keep spending”: The Block’s Scotty Cam takes drastic action to stop over-spending habits

He is frustrated!
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The Block Scott Cam has confessed he is prepared to do anything to ensure this year’s shocking over-budget spending habits do not continue in the future seasons.

Speaking with colleague Shelley Craft on The Block Podcast, Scotty revealed he is frustrated with the contestant’s lack of budget considerations which has led to drama and tension.

Scotty is frustrated!

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“They just keep spending. Shell, I think we might have to change the rules next year,” he said.

However, Shelley seemed surprised by his comments considering there has always been budget problems.

“We’ve already reduced the budget so they only get what they can spend that week. Remember when they used to get the entire budget upfront, and some of them would blow that by week four? At least with these guys, they’re only blowing the week that they’ve got. What else can you do?” she asked him.

“Well, they only get, say, $25,000 for a bathroom. But they might spend $35,000 – and then the bill comes in the following week,” Scotty responded.

Scotty has hosted the show since 2010.

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“I’m going to have a meeting about this. I’ve already discussed it with some people … We’re going to have a meeting, and I don’t know what we’re going to do. We’re going to make some changes.”

While Scotty suggested he would discuss potential resolutions with producers, he did not elaborate on his plan.

His frustration on the podcast comes as no surprise to fans after recent episodes featured intense conversations with contestants regarding budget issues.

Sharon and Ankur undoubtedly have had the worst spending habits this season which led to Scotty locking down their accounts and cancelling their credit cards after spending more than $53,000 over budget.

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“You guys have an encyclopaedia of unpaid bills,” Scotty said to the couple. “You’re spending money as if you think Channel 9 is going to give you some more money.”

“Sharon, just listen to what I’m saying,” he said brusquely. “I haven’t done this since the Oslo, I’m cutting you guys off. You’re gone.”

Later on Scotty informed the couple they could no longer hire trades or make purchases without his approval.

“It’s my job to make sure people get to the end and attempt to have a successful auction so they can make money!” he says.

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