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The Block’s cheating scandal: Who’s been caught out ‘playing dirty’ again?

'We were savvy and found ways to get things done'
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When it comes to bending the rules on The Block, you’ve got to give it to Bianca and Carla for trying.

This week, the pair – who have already been accused of cheating in the competition – will face the wrath of co-host Scott Cam yet again when he confronts the former professional netballers over some dodgy invoices.

But there’s one person who’s even more furious with the team than Scott: fellow Blockhead Sara.

“They’re dirty!” an angry Sara, 31, tells TV WEEK.

“You’d think as professionals in the sports industry they’d follow the rules, but they keep breaking them and getting caught. Their actions are a reflection of themselves.”

Bianca says she and Carla were simply showing acumen, but the pair sneakily used a crane to transport their timber, which isn’t allowed. Also, foreman Dan discovered the girls hadn’t displayed their air-conditioning vent in their master bedroom, which is against the rules.

However, Bianca insists their actions weren’t intentionally sneaky.

“Everyone thought Carla and I were happy to push the rules as far as possible,” the 35-year-old says.

“We’re happy to admit we were savvy and found ways to get things done, but we weren’t out there to cheat.”

Bianca and Carla are in the firing line.

But Sara thinks otherwise.

“They knew what they were doing,” she says.

“They’ve said from the beginning that they’d see if they could flirt with the rules and see what they can get away with. For two professional sports people, they’re pretty good at cheating.”

“I couldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them!”

With a hallway, laundry and powder room to complete over the next week, it’s little wonder the Blockheads have dubbed the upcoming seven days “hell week”.

Bianca says she and Carla were far too preoccupied with getting work done to be caught up in site politics.

Sara says she doesn’t trust the pair one bit.

“Sara speaking negatively of us doesn’t surprise me,” Bianca says.

“We’re very different people. Her and Hayden’s energy wasn’t like ours. It was a negative environment to be around, so we stayed clear of it.”

“If someone wants to waste energy trying to hawkeye everything we’re doing, go for it. We didn’t get involved in what was going on in the other apartments. We’d hear power tools late at night, which was breaking the rules, but we just let it go. It’s not our style to get into people’s business unless it directly affects us.”

One person who relished the drama was gossip queen Jess, who would air any grievances on her spoof radio show, Jess FM.

“Jess does love her gossip,” Bianca says with a laugh.

“It doesn’t surprise me that things were said and spread around, but we’re OK with that. We’ve played female sport, so we know whatever you say can be multiplied and changed into five different stories!”

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