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The Block’s single gals Carla and Bianca open up about love

'It has to be the right person, who can add to your life'
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While all the other contestants are coupled up on The Block, retired pro netballers Bianca and Carla are enjoying the single life.

And by the sounds of it, it’s going to take somebody very special before they commit to a relationship.

“I’ve been single for a long time and I’m not prepared to settle,” Carla tells TV WEEK.

“Just because someone is interested, doesn’t mean I’m prepared to compromise. It has to be the right person.”

“I’m the same,” Bianca, 36, adds. “I’m in no rush. It has to be the right person and someone who can add to your life.”

Both Bianca and Carla say they’re waiting for the right person.

While Carla, 35, insists she doesn’t have a “type”, there’s one attribute that’s vital in a partner: height.

“I’m not looking for a bloke who’s seven foot seven. But at the same time, I’m not going to be attracted to someone who’s five foot one,” she reveals.

“And I’m sure they wouldn’t be attracted to me either!

“But as you get older, it’s not necessarily about the physical stuff anymore. You just want to find someone you have a connection with and who has similar values.”

Bianca fell in love – but only with the natural stone wall.

But if viewers are wondering whether the girls met any eligible bachelors on site, they’ll be disappointed.

“All our tradies had girlfriends,” Carla says.

“And it’s not like we were hanging out at Kerrie and Spence’s apartment checking out their tradies all day. We had an apartment to build!

“There were loads of nice guys, but a lot of them were taken. We were just lucky to have made a whole heap of new friends. But in terms of anything romantic, it didn’t happen!”

The girls have spent a large part of their lives focusing their energy on their careers as professional Netballers. Bianca represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games while Carla formerly played for Melbourne Vixens.

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