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EXCLUSIVE: Luke and Olivia’s baby surprise! One half of The Block twins is going to be a dad

“We couldn’t be happier.”
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He’s endured one of the toughest builds The Block has ever seen alongside his twin brother Josh, but for Luke, his most difficult gig is only just beginning: being a father!

The 28-year-old and his lawyer fiancée Olivia, 29, have announced exclusively to Woman’s Day that they’re expecting a baby girl next year.

And while it wasn’t exactly planned, they can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy!

“It wasn’t planned but we always said, ‘If it happens, it happens,’ and that’s how we’ve approached the situation, but we were both stoked when we found out.

“It was such a happy time,” says Olivia, who is four months pregnant.

It’s a big baby surprise for this Block star and his beautiful fiancée!

(Phillip Castleton/Are Media)

The couple, who also announced their engagement last year, admit they wanted to get married first, but just like one of their gruelling challenges on The Block, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works.

“We were looking at a few wedding venues, but then the pandemic and The Block happened, so we put it on hold, and shortly after that Olivia was pregnant!

“It would have been around this time that we were looking to get married,” says Luke.

“But we couldn’t be happier.”

Just as happy with the news as the parents-to-be is Josh, who says he’s excited to be a hands-on uncle.

Olivia is four months pregnant and she and Luke couldn’t be happier!

(Phillip Castleton/Are Media)

“I’m going to spoil her! I don’t think I’ll be a dad any time soon, so it’ll be a bit like trial and error for me.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” he enthuses.

When asked if he’s nervous about losing his twin to a new wife and a baby, Josh says, “Liv knows when you marry a twin, it’s a package deal, so she’s going to have to deal with me quite a lot as well!”

And just as Olivia may have to get used to having three in the relationship, her fiancé also has plans to add to their burgeoning family.

“Luke says he thinks we’re going to have three girls,” says Olivia.

Josh says he’s excited to be a hands-on uncle.

(Phillip Castleton/Are Media)

Adds Luke, “We’re definitely going to have another and then we’ll just see financially where we’re at.

“If we can afford a third, I’d definitely like to have a third.”

While she has enjoyed staying out of the spotlight, Olivia says she was shocked when her name was thrown into the headlines after she was accused of helping the twins out with styling one of their bedrooms on The Block.

“I felt so bad for the boys, because it took away from their accomplishments,” she says.

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“I felt really guilty, but I did nothing. I helped clean, and I gave them a few tips on the wardrobe!”

Olivia has become fiercely protective of Luke since The Block began airing, and acknowledges that the man she’s seeing on TV isn’t necessarily the one she knows.

“I think they’ve really pushed this narrative that they’re party boys, but what they’re forgetting is that they just did 12 weeks of solid work, they weren’t there to mess around,” she says.

“I got to speak to Luke for two minutes on the phone each night because that’s all he had energy to do.

Olivia says Luke won’t be in charge of designing the nursery for their baby girl.

(Phillip Castleton/Are Media)

“They may have been snappy and moody but who can blame them? They were so sleep deprived. I can’t believe they achieved what they did!”

And while the boys claim that Olivia held no part in the styling of their Block rooms, it’s obvious who is going to be designing the nursery for their baby girl.

“Definitely not the boys,” says Olivia.

“We’re over it,” jokes Luke.

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