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Leah and Leslie turn on each other on The Block when a handshake deal goes bad

''It was the most disgusting act.''
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So far, Kyle and Leslie have been The Block’s “Switzerland”, trying to remain neutral and steer clear of the escalating drama between contestants – until this week, that is, when they face off with Leah and Ash in an explosive showdown that ends Leah and Leslie’s friendship.

“You can’t be Switzerland forever,” Leah, 31, tells TV WEEK. “At some point or another, you’re going to have to get amongst the drama.”

Leslie fires up after Leah’s accusations.

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“That’s what she did when she took my Block Bucks [cash that can be spent at the businesses The Block partners with] away from me. It was the most disgusting act – I still can’t believe she played me like that.”

It’s backyard landscaping and pool week, and Leah is urgently trying to get enough Block Bucks at her favourite store, Camerich, to secure furniture for her back garden.

When Leah and Leslie sit down to exchange the Block Bucks they have left, Leah realises Leslie has some at Camerich. They agree to swap the Camerich dollars for Freedom dollars, and shake on the deal.

“Someone was hiding funds,” Leah says.

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However, when Leah and Ash grow suspicious of how many landscapers Kyle and Leslie have in their backyard on such a small budget, Leah demands an audit, believing they and their landscaper Troy are doing something “dodgy”.

“Someone was hiding funds,” Leah says. “We love competition, but when it gets dirty, we’re not into it – we had to address it.”

In retaliation, Leslie makes a vengeful move that shocks everyone.

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“My integrity was questioned, and I had to do something,” Leslie, 34, explains. “We work very hard to teach our children how to treat people well, but I also don’t ever want our kids to look at us and show them it’s OK for people to treat you badly.” ‘

Is there is any hope for their friendship? Leslie declares there was “never a real friendship to begin with”.

“My gut from day one told me Leah wasn’t genuine – and let me tell you, it still works in week 11.”

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