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“The ‘contestants’ are just characters”: The Block has allegedly “rigged” auction day!

Do you believe it's all fake?
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The auctions for The Block are done and dusted, but some fans don’t believe it was a fair race.

The Block has been accused of “rigging” the results of this year’s much-hyped sales.

“It’s all a production-run project,” says an on-set spy, who worked on a previous season of the show. “The ‘contestants’ are just characters… I have to remind myself that it’s all fake.”

Is it all fake?

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Especially when it comes to auction day, says the insider, who suggests serial buyer Danny Wallis – the IT entrepreneur who has snapped up multiple Block properties over the years – is proof the show is a set-up.

“Knowing that Channel Nine are buddies with one of their regular buyers shows that they can even rig the outcome,” says the source.

Another insider agrees that the series is all smoke and mirrors. “The whole show is about promotional sales,” the source reveals. “I’m amazed it’s still running as the scripting and staging is so obvious.”

According to the TV industry insider, there are “way more ‘production’ trades on site than there are ‘house’ trades”.

The auction day could be rigged!

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The insider also reveals the “trades barely interact with the teams, everything is done through the production builders. The teams are usually filming or off-site anyway.”


The series is a cash cow for the network, which is why they’re happy to keep faking it while they’re making it!

“Channel Nine makes big money from The Block,” shares the in-the-know spy. “I think that the general population underestimates how much of a money maker it is.”

Meanwhile, insiders have also slammed host Scott Cam, 59, and the producers for trying to pass off the house he “renovated” this season as his own.

“It was all on us to build the house and Channel Nine producers designed and styled the house,” a spy revealed. “Scotty was just the face.”

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And while the show tried to portray the home as Scott’s, the star has since confessed he doesn’t own it.

“That is not our house,” he admits. “I would love to live there, but my family is based in Sydney.”

Instead, the Nine insider reveals the network is going to use it “as a CEO/higher-ups weekend retreat house”.

But some viewers didn’t appreciate being misled.

“You continually implied certain rooms were for your children,” one wrote on social media to Scotty. “More bull from the Blockheads.”

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