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“Go to hell”: The Block’s Ankur and Sharon break silence following tradie Scotty’s sensational walk out

''Disappointment looks like this.''
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With The Block’s final days approaching, tensions are running high for all teams.

On Sunday night’s episode, Ankur and Sharon were left in shock after their tradie Scotty sensationally quit, claiming he might never return to the show.

Now, the couple have broken their silence following the walk out.

Ankur and Sharon have responded to Scotty’s walkout.

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Sharing a still from amid the thick of the drama, the pair wrote that “disappointment looks like this”.

“They 100% could’ve finished the shed and cladding for us but just didn’t. We stuck up for them, fighting to back up their story that they didn’t have the materials in the shed to do so – only to find out that the materials were there all along.

“So yeah, if this wasn’t a representation of our journey with these guys, I don’t know what is. It is what it is, thanks everyone for the support.”

“Disappointment looks like this.”

(Image: Nine)

Tradesman Scotty left the competition 16 hours before deadline.

“The big dog’s out of here,” he said.

Ankur and Sharon, who frequently clashed with the tradie and their builder, claimed the walk out was “indicative” of their time in the competition.

WATCH: The Block 2022 Ankur and Sharon’s home tour. Article continues after video

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“It’s our last day on the show, we have so much work to do, and you’ve gone at 4.30pm. It’s the last day of The Block, mate!” an exasperated Ankur said.

“He just left us,” added Sharon. “It’s like, you don’t want to be here? All right, cool – we’ve got to crack on.”

Upon his exit, Scotty bid them a listless ‘Good Luck’ which rubbed Ankur the wrong way.

Ankur and Sharon hugging their other tradies, Keith and Dan.

(Image: Nine)

“Thanks. It’s like, ‘Go to hell!'” he said.

A sarcastic Sharon added: “That’s nice, isn’t it. While we’re still killing ourselves.”

The Block Auctions will air on Sunday, November 6 at 7 pm.

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