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“It was really unfortunate”: The Block fans divided over Ankur and Sharon after explosive run-in with Scott Cam

''Why should the builders do the hard yards while the contestants p-ss fart around?''
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Throughout this season of The Block, Ankur and Sharon have found themselves in hot water multiple times.

The couple have clashed with their builders, judges, and even fellow contestants at times.

On Monday night’s episode, during landscaping week, Ankur and Sharon found themselves head-to-head with host Scott Cam.

Ankur and Sharon have been a contentious couple on The Block.

(Image: Nine)

The carpenter called the couple out for their build being unfinished, saying: “That’s on me (to finish) now, and that’s despite me giving you the budget to do it.”

Ankur argued that he and Sharon were “waiting on materials”, to which the host retorted: “Mate. Everybody’s in the same boat. We’ve got to think about fairness in this competition, so I think we’ve got to revisit this – because it’s going to cost a bomb to do all that work.

“We’re going to have to revisit this when it comes to finalising the reserve price, OK?”

“Mate. Everybody’s in the same boat,” Scott said.

(Image: Nine)

Following the tiff, Blockheads took to social media to share their thoughts on the situation. While some were team Ankur and Sharon, others had no sympathy for the contestants.

“I’m beginning to feel sorry for A&S,” one user wrote on reddit. “Their attitude might be great at being the victim but I still think it has little to do with them not getting on top of what they need to do. Maybe I’m projecting that I would probably have done even worse.

“Also with people not liking the houses. I don’t think the design is that bad and for someone that just bought a 60 square meter apartment for half a million in Australian dollars all I see is fresh air and storage space galore.”

WATCH: The Block 2022 Ankur and Sharon’s home tour. Article continues after video

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A similar sentiment was echoed by another fan on Twitter, who wrote: “I hope Ankur and Sharon make a decent profit. They should have sacked their builders and hired people that wanted to do the hard yards. It was really unfortunate.”

But a third fan disagreed, replying: “Why should the builders do the hard yards while the contestants p-ss fart around. The builders don’t get anything at auction day. If I was a builder and the contestants weren’t doing any hard work I certainly wouldn’t be killing myself with work for them to make a fortune.”

Others agreed with the latter opinion.

While some fans are Team Ankur and Sharon, others have no sympathy for the contestants.

(Image: Nine)

“A&S are the common denominator in their difficulties on The Block,” a user wrote.

“They complained about the builders, production, location, work load, inability to budget. Everything was always someone else’s fault.

Their builders worked for R&G without issue – and we all know that those two are professional and perfectionists so they certainly would not have kept incompetent builders.”

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