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Bachelor Thomas Malucelli’s DODGY MLM scheme exposed

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One of this year’s BachelorsThomas Malucelli – is wooing women all over the country with his Italian charm, but is heart in the right place?

After some careful digging, it’s not looking great given the burgeoning reality star is involved in a major multi-level marketing scheme (or MLM for short).

For the uninitiated, an MLM scheme is where products or services are sold by a non salaried workforce, where sellers of these products generate revenue by not just selling the product or service, but by recruiting others to also sell the product.

Thomas says he is looking for love, but is his heart in the right place?

(IMAGE: Ten)

Whilst technically not illegal (unlike a pyramid scheme where revenue is generated purely by recruitment), MLM schemes tend to operate very similarly to their illegal counterpart, often featuring products and services that don’t tend to be backed by science.

And that’s where Isagenix comes in.

Selling products that are marketed as helping buyers loose weight and achieve ”health goals”, Isagenix claims to have research backing their health and diet supplements.

Despite this however, the FDA has not approved products produced by the brand, with numerous other academic medical studies debunking the health benefits of the products. Yikes.

And then enters Thomas…

Wellness warrior? More like MLM mastermind!

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Alongside his personal Instagram that is currently in the expert hands of the Channel 10 publicity team, Thomas also operates lyv.wellness, a business account with just under 1,200 followers that promotes ”science based biohacking products for the high performers that value their health and longevity.”

”I founded a company that specialised in natural nutritional products and detoxification. With some simple changes to my diet I was able to shred stubborn unwanted fat, improve my energy levels and dramatically improve all areas of my health and fitness,” Thomas shared to his Linked In bio.

”I bought home a total of $90k [after winning the Isagenix 16 week global championship contest] for transforming my health and for helping others along the way. Nuts right?!?! This is available to you as well.”

As well as promoting these supplements, Thomas also actively recruits other distributors under the guise of helping others ”build their own business” just like he has.

But don’t be fooled, according to their own data, 79 percent of Isagenix distributors earned no commission from selling the products in 2016.

So just because Thomas has been making bank, doesn’t mean you will!

Thomas refers to himself as a ”transformation specialist and lifestyle entrepreneur” on his Linked In.

(IMAGE: Isagenix)

Insider sources confirmed the worst to So Dramatic saying that Thomas was ”big” in the Isagenix world.

”Is he doing The Bachelor to build his profile and business? I think so,” one insider suggested.

They added: ”I would say he is way more focused on business and success than love. But I could be wrong.”

Another claimed: “Isagenix is so f**ked. I can’t believe he calls himself a lifestyle coach and passive income specialist or some sh*t.

“I swear he will go for girls with the best influencer prospects so they can join his upline of “inspiring healthy and successful people” or something. He is just seeding for his brand.” I mean, it’s not a bad idea, just saying…”

Speaking on the Isagenix products, Thomas says he used them for ”nutritional cleansing.”

”After changing my body, I have helped thousands of people change theirs,” Thomas shared to his business Instagram.

”Since then, I’ve grown both as a person and professionally. I’ve achieved so many personal, financial, and spiritual goals.”

Time will only tell if Thomas is on the Bachelor for the right reasons, but let’s face it – does anyone really go on reality TV for the right reasons?

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