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The Bachelor’s Thomas Malucelli reveals brutal injuries after horror motorcycle accident

''Feeling so grateful to be alive right now.''
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One of the new stars of The Bachelor has been rushed to hospital and is “lucky to be alive” after a horror motorcycle crash.

Thomas Malucelli shared the news with his Instagram followers after the crash on Sunday, updating them on his serious injuries in a second post on Tuesday.

The transformation coach is set to star in the 2023 season of the show, which was filmed in 2022 and originally slated for release this year but has since been pushed back.

He took to his private Instagram account on Sunday to reveal he’d been involved in the harrowing accident, sharing a confronting photo from hospital.

Thomas Malucelli shared this confronting photo from hospital.

(Image: Instagram)

“Hit the ground pretty hard but I’m so grateful that my body is a miracle!” he captioned a photo of himself on a stretcher wearing a neck brace and mask.

“[Second] motorbike accident that I’m involved in that’s not my fault… gotta really have eyes everywhere. Feeling so grateful to be alive right now.”

On Tuesday he shared another photo, this time snapped in his hospital bed with a strap around his neck and heavy bandaging on his left hand.

He reassured fans that he was “being looked after so well” by staff despite his scary shopping list of injuries.

His injuries included a broken collarbone and torn ligament in his thumb.

(Image: Instagram)

“Update: I have a broken collarbone, torn ligament on my thumb… Few scratches and bruises but I’m okay,” he penned.

It’s understood that Thomas and the two other bachelors from his season, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Home, have already finished filming and are waiting for the show to air.

The three men are currently keeping their social media profiles set to private to prevent spoilers, but with the season pushed back to 2023, there have already been a few leaks.

Jed reportedly “seemed single” on a night out in Sydney in August, with witnesses telling Yahoo!Lifestyle he “couldn’t confirm” if he was still with any of the women from the show.

Thomas and the two other bachelors from his season, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Home.

(Image: Nine)

There’s no word yet on whether Thomas found romance, but the contestants are said to be frustrated by the show being pushed back to 2023.

“The contestants who didn’t find love aren’t allowed to publicly date, freely use their social media accounts or talk about the experience until it’s aired on TV – but this might not be for another six months,” a source told Yahoo!Lifestyle.

“They’re furious and just want to move on and refuse to keep their lives on hold.”

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