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The cast of The Bachelors 2022 leaks online: Meet the girls looking for love

Fans aren't happy with the lack of diversity this season.
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The Bachelor is coming back in 2022 as The Bachelors and with three leading men, the show will feature more women than ever vying to date them – now it looks like the cast list has leaked.

But fans who were initially excited at the prospect of a new format this year have been left disappointed by the alleged casting.

According to reports, 30 women have signed up to date Bachelors Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli on the show this time around.

The Daily Mail revealed nine of the alleged contestants on August 4 and only two appear to be women of colour, with all of the ladies fitting conventional beauty standards.

Meet a few of the rumoured cast of The Bachelor 2022.

(Image: Instagram via The Daily Mail)

In keeping with the franchise’s past casting choices, all nine of the women allegedly heading into the Bachelor mansion are slim, with long hair and beautiful features.

The women named in the Daily Mail exclusive are: Jessica Tomlinson, Naomi Johnston, Jessica Navin, Krystal Thomas, Ella Thiele, Tash Candyce, Marjorie Griffiths, Eboni Burling and Lauren Whybird.

Seven appear to be white women, though their specific backgrounds are unclear, and all of the women have since switched their social media to private.

While fans only have a few photos to go off so far, they’ve already voiced their disappointment over the “bland” alleged cast.

Many of the women cast in Jimmy’s 2021 season were also white and conventionally attractive.

(Image: Ten)

“Seriously, that’s the best they could do?” one commented on social media. “It’s literally the same women every year.”

Others begged the franchise to consider casting people who don’t fit the typical mould of women in their 20s or 30s with perfect bodies and a social media following.

“Show us a fabulous outback country woman, or a single mum of two, or a mid 40’s female. Give us a mixed bag of lollies. This formula is bl–dy boring,” one said.

Some even accused the supposed contestants of only going on the show “for fame”, one penning: “You mean the next batch of wannabe influencers?”

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Ten has yet to officially announce any of The Bachelors 2022 contestants, but fans were hoping for a more diverse take on the show following Brooke Blurton’s landmark 2021 season of The Bachelorette.

There was an outpouring of disappointment after the franchise followed up that season, which featured the show’s first Indigenous and queer lead, with three white men.

“Would it kill them to have some more diversity that’s actually representative of Australia instead of casting not one, not two, but THREE white males in the series?” journalist Isha Bassi tweeted in May.

“I just don’t get why we’ve got three Bachelors, if the structure is completely different, if there are no fairy lights and if there are no candles this isn’t The Bachelor,” Abbie Chatfield added in a radio segment.

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