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The Bachelor’s Tenille reveals the truth behind the tensions on the show

''The Tripod girls really shocked me!''
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On episode seven of The Bachelor, tensions rose particularly with the show’s mean girl Romy and Tenille after she discussed her passionate kiss with Nick Cummins on their single date.

Tenille felt so attacked that she stormed off set in tears and had to be consoled by the other girls in the mansion.

Here she reveals to NW what she really thinks of the tensions on set.

The Bachelor’s Tenille reveals what she really thinks of The Tripod.

How has it been to watch the show for you so far?

Tenille: Sometimes I find at the end of the episode I’m watching behind my hands and shaking my head going ‘what did I do?’

Being in the house there are tensions and personality clashes but watching people’s one on one interviews has shocked me so much, Like ‘woah!’

Are you talking about the Mean Girls?

Tenille: The Tripod girls really shocked me. I knew they were bad in the house, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

The wording that they used to put people down has really shocked me.

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You got upset at the cocktail party, were the other girls interrogating you?

Tenille: Not really, but I think I shared too much and this is my problem, I’m super open and really honest and I think that’s what upset a lot of the ladies in there. It wasn’t intentional but you don’t have a rule book about what you’re supposed to do in the mansion, it’s such a weird situation.

I went home and the girls asked me directly if we’d kissed and I told the truth and said yes and I described my date and it just rubbed people up the wrong way.

Afterwards I realised I shouldn’t have answered the questions in as much detail as I did because it’s upset and offended people.

Tell us about that moment with Romy…

Tenille: With Romy you can almost see it coming from a mile away. I remember just sitting at a cocktail party and you constantly feel you’re walking on eggshells around her so you’re just waiting for her to make a comment.

As soon as the cameras come on it’s expected of her so I was sitting there and she started putting words in my mouth saying I’d said things about her and about the other girls.

I was saying that didn’t happen, you’ve misinterpreted what I said and some of the stuff she wasn’t even there for, I just wasn’t having it and I told her I don’t want to do this with you but she just kept on.

She would take what I’d say and then two seconds later she’d come back and say ‘I heard you said this or that’ and I was like ‘OMG are we doing this again we’re going in circles’.

Had you had a bunch of cocktails by the time this all unfolded?

Tenille: No, I’d had one drink all night – I think I ran off while still carrying my drink. I was done, I was absolutely done with it.

How were you persuaded back? Did any of the girls help you come back?

Tenille: Shannon was amazing, I honestly, that girl is just the most beautiful person who’ll have your back.

Another thing that upset me is that when Romy was going at me Shannon tried to say something and defuse the situation and Romy shouted at her as well, and I felt bad for putting a target on her back. Shannon was there for me but I didn’t want to put another target on her back.

She had my back, she followed after me and she’s just a good person who wanted to make sure that I was alright. She was the one who was there for me and the producers also persuaded me to come back they were like ‘remember your date’ focus on the good.

How emotional has the show been for you?

Tenille: The big moment this week is the most emotional it gets to this point, leading up to it you don’t see much of me. I haven’t been involved in the drama, but it took it’s toll because my friends, Vanessa, Blair and Shannon all copped it and it’s hard to be around that much bitchiness.

I think I handled it quite well, I was really patient while I was waiting for my date and came into it with a realistic mindset that yes it could be me at the end and I hope I get that happy ending, but if it’s not me I want Nick to find who he belongs with and I won’t take it to heart if it’s not me.

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