The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia's Romy reveals the truth about her night with Nick Cummins

She insists Nick made the first move...

By Zara Zubeidi
When it comes to dating, Romy doesn't hold back if she's into someone – and as viewers have seen, The Bachelor Australia's Nick Cummins is no exception!
But the photo shoot director says it's Nick who made the first move on the group's overnight bush date and invited her into his tent.
"It was time for bed and Nick motioned for me to come into his swag," Romy, 29, tells TV WEEK.
"He wanted a snuggle. It was really harmless, we just had a cuddle and a giggle and looked at the stars. It was really cute. He gave me a kiss goodnight as I was leaving, but it wasn't a full-on pash or anything."
Romy and Nick setting up a tent on their group date.
While viewers have already seen plenty of drama in the mansion, Romy hints there was just as much tension off-screen. And she claims some of the girls weren't being their true selves in front of the cameras.
"Shannon, Brittany, Sophie and Cass all had something to say," she adds. "When the cameras were there, they'd zip the lip – they knew what they were doing.
"Britt and Sophie had a game plan, for sure. They'd put up a sheet around their bed and whisper for hours. They've been smart."
Romy insists her and Nick had some harmless fun together.
Romy also says Tenille isn't being herself.
"She's way too uptight for Nick," she explains. "She used to get upset at the smallest things. If a pair of runners were left at the door, she'd come out and yell and say, 'Whose are these?!' It wasn't normal. There's much more to her than meets the eye."
Romy has confessed that she has no problems with being labelled this year's villain.
"I'll speak out if something annoys me," Romy says. "If that makes me the villain, then fine, I'm the villain. I'm not nasty, just honest, and people in the house and watching at home can take that however they like. I'm OK with that."
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