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Fans are convinced this heartbreaking theory is the reason Matt begged Helena to stay on The Bachelor

Was there a reason bubbling beneath the surface?
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The Bachelor is well and truly getting down to the wire, and as expected, the rumours surrounding the final three and Matt’s intentions with them are only getting wilder.

And the latest theory to compel the masses is one that’s left us feeling a little, well, sad. And that’s because it all comes back to unrequited love…

In Thursday evening’s bombshell episode, contestant Helena seemed like she’d had enough, and was on the brink of leaving altogether.

The Perth beauty was understandably upset when Matt joined her on a hometown visit, a time where he needed to be on his best form to impress those nearest and dearest to her.

But awkwardly, Matt made a gaffe that really riled Helena, forgetting a key moment from when they first met in the premiere episode.

Yep, Helena spoke a lot of French in that episode Matt, how dare he forget?

Not cool, Matt…

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Matt managed to convince Helena to stay in the end, and although it seems like he genuinely meant it, fans reckon there was an ulterior motive behind it all.


Yep, poor Emma, the gal that dropped the ‘L’ bomb, perhaps before Matt was ready to hear it, might have drawn the short straw on this one.

As Matt gave his final three roses to Abbie, Chelsie and indeed Helena, fans took to Twitter to weigh in.

“It’s pretty obvious Matt fought for Helena to change her mind and stay so he could then still get rid of Emma after she told him she loved him,” one person pointedly wrote.

Another seemed to agree with the theory, adding: “Think Matt is glad Helena came back so he could actually dump Emma.”

Eep, if Matt’s motive to desperately keep Helena was so he could send Emma home, we feel even worse for her now!

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Speaking to TV WEEK following her elimination, Emma admitted that ultimately, she was glad she was eventually sent home.

“At the end of the day you need to be realistic, there is always going to be someone being sent home,” she said.

“If he had kept me longer, knowing how he felt about me after hometowns, it would have taken me longer to get over the whole experience. So I’m happy I left when I did.”

Emma was ultimately glad she was eventually sent home.

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The brazen brunette was labelled the season’s ‘stage-five clinger’ (there’s always one isn’t there?) from the get go, but Emma hasn’t seemed fazed by it, stating she’s received plenty of messages of support.

“It’s been so lovely to have those kinds of messages from everybody, it’s really helped me throughout this whole experience,” she said.

“And people have been coming up to me, like ‘keep loving love!'”

As she should – you deserve the world, Emma!

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