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Why Emma Roche is glad she was sent home from The Bachelor Australia

I’m free!

She's known as the girl who "loves love" but, sadly, Emma Roche didn't find it in her journey on The Bachelor Australia.
Emma was eliminated from the series after the hometown visits, where it became clear to Matt Agnew that she was more invested in their budding relationship than he was.
Though she was sad, Emma admits she's glad she was sent home.
"I'm free!" Emma jokes to TV WEEK after her elimination. "No, but at the end of the day you need to be realistic, there is always going to be someone being sent home.
"If he had kept me longer, knowing how he felt about me after hometowns, it would have taken me longer to get over the whole experience. So I'm happy I left when I did."
As for the 'clinger' label that was quickly bestowed upon her by some viewers, Emma doesn't really care.
"Did you count how many times I said love?" she asks us, laughing.
"The first couple of episodes I was pretty shocked, I wasn't expecting it at all and I don't think anyone would, but after that you just have to roll with it don't you? It is what it is. If people want to call me a clinger, then so be it."
Much like Cass Wood from Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor, Emma has also received a lot of support from fans over her edit.
"It's been so lovely to have those kinds of messages from everybody, it's really helped me throughout this whole experience," she says.
"And people have been coming up to me, like 'keep loving love!' [Laughs] and I think it's really sweet and endearing. I'm so grateful to everybody who's had my back."
Though it didn't work with Matt, Emma wishes him nothing but the best.
"I think he's a good guy, he was being really genuine and he genuinely wants to find love," she says. "There are no hard feelings!"
Like most of her fellow contestants, Emma thinks Chelsie is the right pick for Matt.
"It's hard to tell who he's going to end up with, but I think probably Chelsie has really good qualities, and they've got a lot in common."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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