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Fans rally around The Bachelor’s Meghan Marx after confronting brain disorder diagnosis

''Just some processing to do''
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Australian stars have rallied around The Bachelor’s Megan Marx following the news of her brain disorder.

Yesterday, the former Bachelor contestant took to Instagram to announce she had been diagnosed with Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6) – a group of inherited brain disorders which affects the cerebellum (a part of the brain which controls co-ordination and physical movement).

Megan has revealed some confronting health news.

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SCA6 specifically refers to problems with movement, co-ordination and balance. The disorder worsens over time.

“Months of waiting for gene test results, I met with the neurologist on Friday. Sh-t news. Diagnosis. Some tears while Keith (her boyfriend) took over the conversation,” Megan wrote on Instagram.

“F-ck huh!” she continued. “Feeling grateful for my physical body right now, in its present state, before neurological degeneration attempts to take some of me from me. All the yays for love making and skinny dipping and hiking and painting and food-ing and bad dancing and awful conversations at bars.”

Megan first hit screens on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor.

(Image: Instagram)

Megan ended the post: “Actually feeling grateful altogether. Many have worse diagnoses. Just some processing to do. Lots of living to do.”

The news received plenty of attention and love from the Bachelor In Paradise alum’s friends.

“My love… I am a phone call away if you need anything… ❤️ xxx,” fellow Bachelor star Brittany Hockley wrote.

“Sending u love and hugs my love ❤️,” former Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule added.

“Oh Megan. I’m so sorry to hear this,” Clementine Ford penned. “What a rotten piece of news. Not much to say that will alleviate the grief of this for you, but sending love your way.

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“It’s clear from your photos that you live enthusiastically and joyfully, and you have the kind of spirit that will continue to find ways to do that even as your body changes. Big love ❤️❤️.”

Megan first hit screens on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor. While the leading man felt a connection with the now-influencer, she didn’t return any romantic feelings and decided to leave the mansion of her own accord.

She went on to date fellow Bachelor star Tiffany Scanlon before the pair called it quits in 2017. Megan then made a return to the franchise in 2018 for the Paradise spin-off.

There, she struck up an on-and-off romance with The Bachelorette’s Jake Ellis before finding her soulmate, Keith Newman.

This article was originally seen on our sister site, WHO Magazine.

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