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Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson reveals the intimate (and secret) details behind the rose ceremony

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Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during the rose ceremony on The Bachelor? Former Bachie Jimmy Nicholson who found his love Holly Kingston on the reality show has spilled on the secret process.

The 2021 Bachelor spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle on the perfectly orchestrated process made to throw off audiences.

Jimmy met Holly during the 2021 season of The Bachelor.

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“So as the Bachelor, for me anyway, I had a list of the ladies that I wanted to keep around and the ladies that I didn’t feel a spark with,” he said.

“I’m not privy to a lot of the things that go on behind the scenes, so I didn’t really give the order a thought.

“Consequently, Holly was left last many, many times which I didn’t realise. That’s great for dramatic effect as well because you need to throw people off. If we knew who was going to win night one, it wouldn’t be an interesting show.”

The emotional stress of waiting for your name to be called is actually drawn out even longer than it appears on screen as contestant, Holly reveals an interview takes place after each rose is handed out!

“Holly was left last many, many times which I didn’t realise.”

(Image: Instagram)

“For the girl on the other side of this, in your interviews the next day you have to talk about every girl that went before you in the rose ceremony,” she said.

“So, ‘There goes so and so and I’m looking at her, she’s just got the rose. How am I feeling? Not feeling great’. So when you’re left to number 20, that leaves you to have to talk about your feelings for 19 girls prior.”

Which consequently left Holly stuck doing an interview for four hours as opposed to two hours.

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Jimmy revealed to the publication that it wasn’t until later in the season did he begin to put more thought into the women he’d select, judging who seemed more interested or talked to him at the cocktail party.

“This is not to speak about Holly in this instance, yes I did give her the last rose on a few occasions, but there were some instances where the order towards the end I was like, okay, who put in more of an effort tonight? Or who put in more effort on this date?” he revealed.

“And then you go, well you know what, I’m gonna put you a little bit later in the order just to show you that you need to let me know you’re interested in me because at the moment I can’t see you’re interested in me and that’s how it’s playing out.”

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