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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Bella and Irena give the inside story on the explosive end to their friendship

''She was using it as a way to get in between Locky and me.''
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Fans of The Bachelor Australia were shocked to see former besties Bella and Irena have a very public falling-out on the show last week.

Speaking to TV WEEK, Bella has accused Irena of falsifying stories – and she’s not sounding regretful about what went down.

“Although I lost a friend, I’m grateful it all got brought to the surface,” she says. “It ended up being the beginning of some beautiful friendships with the other ladies that I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

The Sydney freelance creative, 25, claims Irena was “over-bragging” and “over exaggerating” what happened between her and Locky.

“I’m usually not one to allow petty behaviour get to me, but when someone falsifies stories, it tips me over the edge, especially when I felt she was using it as a way to get in between Locky and me,” she says.

Bella says Irena “over exaggerated” what happened between her and Locky.

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Melbourne nurse Irena, 31, tells TV WEEK that in the beginning, she felt like Bella was her “little sister”. But she believes that being best friends and dating the same guy was “a disaster waiting to happen”.

“We realised we couldn’t share our feelings for him with each other, because we were just hurting one another,” she explains. “I’m absolutely devastated that we couldn’t continue with our friendship, but too much has happened.”

Bella and Irena had it out in a huge argument.

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Bella told Irena she could no longer trust her.

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At the cocktail party this week, Bella turns on her former friend, telling Locky that Irena is manipulative and pretending to be someone she’s not.

“Locky knows I’m not the type to say something and get involved unless I have to,” she explains. “At that point, it was important to make him aware there was a side of Irena he wasn’t seeing.”

However, Irena says she has never tried to be anyone but herself.

“I’m not perfect and I have my flaws, but being fake and manipulative isn’t one of them,” she declares.

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