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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis has been busted… with Gogglebox’s Jad Nehmetallah

Look away Locky!
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When the music played as Bella Varelis walked down the red carpet on the first night of the 2020 season of The Bachelor, fans knew the brunette beauty was destined to go far with Locky Gilbert.

And ever since, the chemistry between the pair has only intensified, with many fans convinced the marketing consultant could be The One.

But in exclusive photos obtained by Woman’s Day, it seems the 25-year-old has since set her sights on another reality star.

The bachelorette was snapped getting close to none other than Gogglebox‘s Jad Nehmetallah.

Look away Locky, Bella’s getting giddy with Jad…

(Credit: Matrix)

All smiles here!

(Credit: Matrix)

Just a week before the hotly anticipated finale went to air, Bella was spotted in Sydney’s Burwood enjoying the company of the hunky 34-year-old TV star and restaurant owner, sparking rumours the couple have been dating in secret.

According to onlookers, the pair appeared in high spirits as a giddy Bella joked around with Jad, who sits alongside his close friends Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd on reality hit Gogglebox.

“There was definitely some chemistry – she was very happy and laughing at everything he was saying,” says one onlooker. “As they said goodbye he gave her a very tight hug… they seemed to be very close.”

The brunette beauty shared a tight hug with the reality star.

(Credit: Matrix)

Speaking to Woman’s Day, a source close to the Sydney reality stars reveals the couple make a really good match.

“They have a stack of mutual friends and definitely travel in the same circles,” dishes the insider.

“They’re often being invited to the same events, and she is without a doubt Jad’s type of woman.”

While Bella has been cautious online and last week insisted to Woman’s Day that their cafe meeting was by chance – “it just so happens my long-time friend Jad owns the same cafe and he was there that day” – Jad has been less subtle.

A quick glance at Bella’s Instagram page reveals he’s a big fan of the brunette, liking a stack of steamy photos of the star as far back as last year.

Jad is no stranger to planting a sneaky like on her photos!


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