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The race is over! And the winner of The Amazing Race Australia 2022 is…

The competition was intense!
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Only one team could be crowned the winner of The Amazing Race Australia 2022.

This season’s competition was tough and after a long hiatus thanks to COVID-19, fans have been on the edge of their seats and the intensity didn’t stop as the top three teams battled it out for the winning spot.

And the winner of this years race is…

Heath and Toni!

The crowned winners Heath and Toni will be going home with the biggest prize in The Amazing Race Australia history! They will be $250,000 richer. But will also drive away with two brand new cars including an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-Z.

As Heath and Toni ran up to the final platform, fans could see the joy and exhaustion written all over their faces as they completed the final leg of the competition.

The teammates were puffed as they greeted The Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan when he congratulated them on their defeat.

“Of anyone deserves it, it’s you guys. You’ve been the best team this season by a long way. Tell me a bit about each other. What does he mean to you?” Beau asked.

“He’s my rock. I’m so sorry that I’ve given you so much grief,” Toni said

“But then how good’s this?” Heath laughed. “Oh, mate, she is my world. I hate that cancer is gonna tear us apart, but we wanted to make memories and we’ve done that. I just think it’s absolutely phenomenal that someone who’s going through what she’s going through has come out here and just… [we] won The Amazing Race, baby!”

“I’m so glad that he kind of encouraged us to apply to come on this show because it’s been amazing. Time is so precious,” Toni said.

Meanwhile Angel and Frankie arrived to the pit-stop second, with Kelly and George close behind them.

The top three!

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With what began with 20 teams, the contestants were brutally cute down to three teams: Angel and Frankie; Heath and Toni; and Kelly and Georgia.

Since the shows premiere on August 29, popular betting website Sportsbet placed Heath and Toni to win. Although Kelly and Georgia were also in the top three in the start, before the finale they were predicted to lose.

However, Angel and Frankie had a redemption arc among fans within this season as Sportsbet predicted they would arrive to the platform second.

This year’s competition was no easy defeat after the teams raced across the globe, including Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

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