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Outwit, outplay, outstrip! Survivor stars shed their clothes for charity after tragic death of Lee Carseldine’s mum

They're dropping their buffs to help raise funds for the Stroke Foundation.
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Survivor star Lee Carseldine left the competition on Monday night after he received news that his beloved mum Elizabeth had suffered a serious stroke.

In a tragic turn of events, Lee’s mum later passed away and his fellow contestants were quick to share their messages of love and support to Lee and his family.

But in another heartwarming move, Australian Survivor alumni have joined forces by bringing back the social media Towel Challenge with an official photo shoot in a bid to raise funds for the Stroke Foundation.

Lee confirmed to Now To Love that the Towel Challenge was coming back and it was “a bit of fun” as well as sending an important message.

“David Genat and I chatted and we got along on the island and we thought let’s relaunch this and do something good to bring some awareness to the Stroke Foundation and the work. Something’s coming up and we’re trying to raise some money and awareness for something that takes so many lives and affects so many families.”

Contestants past and present have shared their own amateur black and white snaps of themselves wearing nothing but a strategically placed towel, but some have taken it further by participating in an official photo shoot in Sydney.

Eliminated All Star Daisy Richardson shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot that featured some favourites from this season including Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar, Brooke Jowett and Flick Egglington as well as previous contestants Matty Wahlberg and Robbie Skibicki, the latter of whom she was spotted getting rather touchy-feely with.

Once Daisy started, even more contestants appeared to be at the shoot including the Godmother Janine Allis and supermodel Monika Radulovic. And of course Lee Carseldine was there to play his part and was filmed snooping around the set.

To donate to the Stroke Foundation’s Towel Challenge, click here.

Keep scrolling to see all the celebrities getting behind the Towel Challenge.

(Image: Instagram @jaspercphotography)


The man of the hour: Lee Carseldine had to be there.

(Image: Instagram @daisyrichardson)

Brooke Flick and Daisy

One hot trio! Daisy poses alongside All Stars Brooke and Flick.

(Image: Instagram @daisyrichardson)

Brooke Flick and Daisy

Gorgeous girls!

(Image: Instagram @daisyrichardson)

Robbie and Daisy

Season three’s Robbie and All Star Daisy got a little handsy during their joint shoot.

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Survivor’s Daisy and Robbie get flirty at the Towel Challlenge photo shoot

(Image: Instagram @brookejowett)


Brooke gave a sultry pose behind-the-scenes.

(Image: Instagram @janine_allis)

Sharn, Abbey, Janine and Lydia

Sharn, Abbey, Janine and Lydia cosied up together for another shot.

(Image: Instagram @lydialassila)

Lydia Lassila

Of course Olympic hero Lydia would have a body like that!

(Image: Instagram @sharncoombes)

Sharn towel challenge

Sharn also did her own ocean-themed towel challenge.

(Image: Instagram @daisyrichardson)

Matty Wahlberg

Season four’s Matty strikes a pose.

(Image: Instagram @mattywahlberg21)


And looks at home while resting in the ring.

(Image: Instagram @daisyrichardson)

David Genat

The Golden God in all his glory.

(Image: Instagram @jacquipatterson_)

David Genat

“I haven’t eaten in five days,” David joked behind the scenes.

(Image: Instagram @davidgenat)

David towel

David also did his own amateur towel challenge following the episode Lee left the show.

(Image: Instagram @jaspercphotography)

David and Shaun

David and former campmate Shaun Hampson are here to brighten your day.

(Image: Instagram @monika_rad)

Monika Radulovic

Model and season three star Monika is an old pro at this sort of thing.

(Image: Instagram @jacquipatterson_)

Brooke, Lee, Jacqui, David and Phoebe

Brooke, Lee, Jacqui, David and Phoebe didn’t want to give too much away.

(Image: Instagram @jacquipatterson_)


With a body like that, Jacqui needs to show it off!

(Image: Instagram @bephoe)


Phoebe shared a mirror selfie from the set.

(Image: Instagram @jaspercphotography)

Phoebe and Sarah

And season two’s Sarah also took part.

(Image: Instagram @anastasia_woolmer)

Anastasia Woolmer

Memory expert Anastasia Woolmer who starred in season four also took part in the shoot.

(Image: Instagram/ @leecarseldine)

Jericho Malabonga

Shirtless season two winner Jericho also showed his support for the cause!

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