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EXCLUSIVE: Survivor Australia players who are keen to play again

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Over ten action packed seasons we’ve seen a mixture of everyday Aussies, superfans and well-known public figures grace the beaches of Samoa and then the outback on Survivor Australia.

Some players have been brought back for another crack at the game a second time around, and even a third time around for current Heroes vs Villains player Shonee Fairfax.

With talk of an international showdown of Survivor on the cards and returning players dominating the game, the team at TV Week reached out to some of our favourite former players to see if they’d been keen for a second or third round, both in Australia and as an all-star abroad.

Pia Miranda: WINNER of Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders)

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David Genat: WINNER of Season 7 (All Stars) + also played on Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders)

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”I don’t think that will happen [an international season] but never say never.”

Hayley Leake: WINNER of Season 8 (Brains vs Brawns) + also played on Season 8 (Heroes vs Villains)

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”Never say never but right now I’m just preparing for my wedding in a few months and I’m keen to have kids so there’s not really any plans to play again.”

Mark Wales: WINNER of Season 9 (Blood vs Water) + also played on season 3

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”It’d be hard to ignore an international season. That’d be the Survivor Olympics.”

Lee Carseldine: RUNNER UP of Season 3 + also played on Season 7 (All Stars)

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”I suppose I could go around one more time.”

Sharn Coombes: RUNNER UP of Season 5 (Champions vs Contenders) and RUNNER UP of Season 7 (All Stars)

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”I don’t know what it feels like to have my torch snuffed! Not that I want to ever understand that feeling tbh, but I’d love to play again. Obviously, life returns to normal after Survivor (although it does take some time adjusting after the challenges you face out there and living on the beach.) getting back to work, family, regular life and routine. Which is great.

However, I have to say watching the latest season of Survivor has definitely stirred up my competitive Survivor spirit once again! Watching Shonee play without me in the game is interesting and I love to experience the game with new iconic players such as George and Hayley.

I would absolutely love to play an international all-stars season and show the rest of the world how tough us Aussies are! I would pull out all the stops – strategy, physical strength, elite social game.

The more you play, the more you understand the game which just allows you to get out there and have some real fun with it all! It’s such an epic game, it’s the real deal.”

Baden Gilbert: RUNNER UP of Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders)

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”Of course! After a few years it becomes even more appealing, as time blunts the memory of how bad the tough stuff was makes all the fun stuff sound even better.”

George Mladenov: RUNNER UP of Season 8 (Brains vs Brawns) + also played on Season 10 (Heroes vs Villains)

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”Nothing would excite me more than playing a season of US Survivor. There’s no other show with as passionate a fanbase.

The thought of playing US Survivor really, really excites me and I would absolutely love to do it. I’ll put it out to the Survivor gods that King George will be able to play an international season.”

Shay Lajoie: RUNNER UP of Season 9 (Blood vs Water)

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”I would love to play again. It’s been so insightful to have the opportunity to watch the opportunity to watch season eight season with a whole new and rare perspective

If given another shot at the game I’d approach things differently. Although I’m sure every castaway would say the same.”

Luke Toki: Season 3 and Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders)

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”I think I would be off my crumpet to say no haha! That’s only if Australia wants to put the best foot forward of course. And as long as they make it extremely hard.”

Brooke Jowett: Season 3 and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”I would find it near impossible to say no to playing again. Third time lucky right? The first time I played I came 7th, then 4th so if I continue with the pattern, next time I’ll be first. Here’s hoping!

As mentally and physically taxing as the show is, I weirdly thrived out there and would love to put myself to the test again. In saying that, I think it’s a little too soon for me to go back. I’d have a big red target on my back so I may just have to wait a few years for people to completely forget who I am lol.”

Lockie Gilbert: Season 3 and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”I think everyone knows I don’t mind a stint on a TV show, however if I was to play again it would most likely have to be an international all-stars version.

Playing against the USA or Africa would be so amazing.”

Nick Ladanza: Season 3 and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”This game has a hold on me. It just gets the blood pumping; I would jump at the chance to do it. International is the dream. To be snuffed by Jeff Probst is a Survivor nerd’s dream.”

Tarzan: Season 4 and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”Sure. I’d be in it in a minute.

I was only saying to a friend yesterday, I’d love another go! You never know what’s round the corner, but it certainly would be a dream come true to have another go.”

Daisy Richardson: Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders) and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”Yeah definitely, I’d be up for anything! Given the chance I’d pack my bags tomorrow. Such an amazing experience, it’s the best game in the world so getting the opportunity to play a third time would be thrilling!”

Abbey Holmes: Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders) and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”Survivor is one of the hardest, but the best experiences of my life. I’m the kind of person to make the most out of every opportunity so would 100% do it again. And to be a part of an international all-star’s series would be a real honour given the calibre of players we have seen across all the Aussie series.”

Lydia Lassila: Season 6 (Champions vs Contenders) and Season 7 (All Stars)

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”I’m a sucker for punishment and would definitely play again.”

Phil Ferguson: Season 8 (Brains vs Brawn)

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”If the timing is right, why not! I’m a massive fan of the show, so being asked to go back would be an honour.”

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