EXCLUSIVE: Survivor's Shonee Fairfax on her baby plans - "I'm going to have twin girls!"

Double trouble is on the way for fan fave Shonee!

By NW team
Shonee Fairfax is famed for her love of icy cold "margs" (and red wrap dresses!), but could the Australian Survivor: All Stars frontrunner be parking her favourite cocktail sooner rather than later?
Sure sounds like it!
Yep, the clucky 28-year-old – whose hubby is pro skater Benny Fairfax – tells NW that she's got their family plans all mapped out and announces to us, "I'm having twin girls. It's happening!"
Say whaaat?! Now that's some incredible Shontent...
Shonee in her gorgeous red dress that has served her well during her time on Survivor! Image: Channel 10
Umm, are you serious, babe? Tell us everything!
My bestie from my first season of Australian Survivor, Fenella McGowan, has just had a baby boy and I am beyond obsessed. I just bought little Finn a baby dalmatian costume. It's soooo cute!
So did that get you feeling a little broody then?
I have to tell you, I'm going to have twin girls! That's my dream.
I've already named them. I've got my names sorted – now I just need the babies. It's not happening just yet, but hopefully soon!
I'm all about having twins – why be pregnant twice when you can just go once and have a ready-made family?
So what names will you go with?
I can't tell you that because someone might steal them!
But I'll definitely get them some little red dresses to wear.
Shonee and her husband Benny pictured on their wedding day. Image: Instagram
Of course! Your husband Benny is pretty well-known, but thanks to your Survivor fame, he's now Mr Shonee, isn't he?
Yes, he is! He's my biggest supporter, though, and when the opportunity came up for me to play again, he was like, "Go for it, babe."
Maybe he doesn't want me around! But then again, the chance to win half a million dollars is very persuasive.
Shonee says she would love to have twin girls with her hubby! Image: Instagram
On the topic of winning... Can you do it?
I think so. My game plan is so much stronger this time and it's so delightful that all those jock sporty people who wanted me out earlier in the season are gone now.
Just because I want to look good on the island, work on my tan and will never wear activewear doesn't mean I can't win. If I can get rid of Lydia Lassila and Abbey Holmes, then I can go all the way.
Do you have any allies?
Brooke Jowett is my bestie. We talk every day. I'm also really close to Aaron "AK" Knight and, of course, my Little Rascals allies, Harry Hills and Nick Iadanza.
I'm even friends with Zach Kozyrski now. After we went to exile island together, we became friends. Who knew?
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How did you go with the rice and beans diet this time round?
I was fine. I treated going back onto the show like going to a tough spa. It gave me a good chance to detox. When I played last time, I lost eight kilos. Winning!
What did you miss about home?
Doing my skincare routine before bed. I really miss my serums.
Australian Survivor: All Stars airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights on Channel 10

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