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Super Switch’s Miranda: “I didn’t trust Aimee and Olga”

Miranda says she felt "left out" and didn't gel with the girls.
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Starring on The Super Switch was particularly tough for Miranda.

Not only did she struggle to be apart from boyfriend Lachlan, but she admits she found it difficult to get on with the girls in her group, Aimee and Olga.

“I felt quite left out at times,” Miranda, 24, tells TV WEEK.

“I didn’t feel like I could talk to them or open up to them. I didn’t trust them, or feel like I had their support.

“I felt they were very easy to judge my relationship and to make assumptions. I’d speak to Justin and Ben a lot more.”

From left: Kendrick, Aimee, Ben and Olga.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Earlier in the experiment, the couples were made to watch video footage of themselves in their real relationships.

The rest of the group had a lot to say when Miranda defended Lachlan for his over-protective nature.

“It looks like it could be something more than just him being over-protective,” Olga told the camera. “It looks like there could be something a lot bigger there that either they don’t see or want to talk about.”

Lachlan and Miranda.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Kendrick said it was “jealously” and “insecurity” on Lachlan’s part.

Meanwhile, Ben described Lachlan’s behaviour as “plain outright jealously”.

Lachlan has since admitted he can see how he comes across. But he stands by the fact he fully trusts Miranda.

“I know I’m being portrayed as disrespectful but I think men can take advantage of women a lot,” he tells TV WEEK.

“I trust Miranda, but I don’t trust them”.

The Super Switch, airs Wednesday, 7.30pm, Channel Seven

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