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“She deserves it!” Simone Holtznagel is gunning for Fiona O’Loughlin to win I’m A Celeb

The show's resident model has strutted her stuff out of the jungle.
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She came so close, yet so far to the grand finale on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

But model Simone Holtznagel says she is stoked to finally be back in the real world, with a bowl of pasta in hand.

In this exclusive exit interview, the 24-year-old opens up about those romance rumours with AFL star Josh Gibson, why she wants Fiona O’Loughlin to be the 2018 Queen of the Jungle and who she won’t be keeping in touch with from the show…

How are you feeling – was it disappointing to get this close to the finale?

I thought I was going! And I’m so glad I’ve left. But top five, I thought I’d be out first week.

Talk us through your first meal?

I did have some pasta and honestly, I haven’t eaten that much since I got out.

Everyone talks about how much they eat when they get out and everyone gets really sick, so I’ve been conscious about that and taking it eating.

You lost six-kilos, how are you feeling physically and mentally?

Well, physically I feel amazing. You’re basically doing a giant cleanse but it was a little bit hard for me because I already have super-low iron and low blood pressure.

Not eating that much food I was exhausted 99% of the time, so that was difficult. I felt tired and drained but otherwise everything is all good.

Who do you have picked to win?

Fiona! Oh my god, if Fiona wins I will die. She deserves it, I would love it if she won.

Many fans think Danny Green has it in the bag, how will you feel if he wins?

Ehh… I’d prefer if Fiona won.

Now we have to ask, what’s happening with you and your rumoured flame Josh Gibson?

He’s like my brother, absolutely nothing!

We had dinner last night with my parents and it was lovely but yeah, we’re very much like brother and sister. Everyone can relax, don’t get your hopes up. Incest is frowned upon.

Others close to you that we’ve spoken to have said you both have potential love interests on the outside?

That could be right…

Did the jungle help give you clarity on your love life?


This year there were two high-profile exits from Bernard Tomic and Anthony Mundine – why do you think these so called sporting heavyweights couldn’t hack it?

I know, classic! Well, I was surprised that Mundy walked. But you know, it must have been very tough for him in there and doing so much work [laughs sarcastically].

It really must have taken a toll lying in bed and Bernard honestly, I think he’s just been babied a lot so I’m not surprised.

Will funny lady Fiona O’Loughlin be the 2018 Queen of the Jungle?

Sorry guys, Josh and Sim are just besties.

What about the Oldfields, how painful were they to live with?

Oh, Christ! I don’t even want to re-hash that. Post-traumatic stress!

Who else won’t you be keeping in touch with?

Obviously I’m not going to keep in touch with Danny, or Mundy or Tomic.

Who can’t you wait to hang out with in the real world?

Oh my gosh, Jackie [Gillies] and I have been planning the ultimate girls’ lunch for weeks now! We were counting that down.

We were cheering when we saw you hit back at Mick Molloy over his vile comments about your weight and calling you a “plus-size model.” What’s your message to him and idiots like him that feel like they can comment on women’s bodies?

I feel a bit sorry for him. No one should feel the need to comment on how anyone looks.

Haven’t you ever heard the saying if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it all? It’s just unnecessary.

Nothing to see here! Simone says Josh is like her brother.

You did an incredibly psychic reading with Jackie Gillies, what do you have to say to people who doubt her abilities?

Oh my gosh! I have had maybe like five or six reading before Jackie and I can hand on heart tell you that that was the most accurate reading I’ve ever had.

I’d 100% do another reading with Jackie. She actually did give me another mini-reading a couple of weeks ago on Charlotte [Dawson’s] anniversary which was lovely.

What’s next for you?

I’m so excited to get back to work and have a few things lined up.

It’s back to the catwalk for this bubbly reality TV star.

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