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Survivor’s Shaun Hampson opens up about his partner Megan Gale

''She's reached the top of her field, unfortunately that's something I haven't done myself.''
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Despite his AFL achievements, Shaun Hampson is flying the flag for the Contenders of this year’s season of Australian Survivor: Champions versus Contenders.

But unlike his model partner Megan Gale, 43, with whom he shares two children, Shaun doesn’t think he’s at the top of his field.

Shaun played 98 games across a 12-year career with the Carlton and Richmond Football Club but that career was “halted through injury” meaning he couldn’t compete again.

Speaking on Survivor, the 31 year-old said, “My partner’s Megan Gale who a lot of people know as one of the most famous models Australia’s known. She’s reached the top of her field, unfortunately that’s something I haven’t done myself.”

“I played 98 games. I think every player wants to reach the century game lines but to fall two games short, it really stung. So there is a lot of unfinished business,” he added.

Shaun says that while Megan has reached the top of her field, it’s not something he himself has done.

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Shaun and Megan started dating in 2011, and announced their engagement in July 2017.

Since meeting, the couple have welcomed two children, son River, five, and daughter Rosie, 22 months and Shaun says he really struggled being away from home during his time on the reality show.

“It is the moments where you are hungry and cold that you wonder why you’re doing it and miss home the most,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “You build strong relationships but you really can’t trust anyone on there, everyone has an agenda and you can trust your family completely, they provide comfort for you.”

Shaun said his family provided comfort for him on Survivor.

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That said, Shaun knows that Megan is his number one fan both on Survivor and in real life, calling her his “best mate”.

“I wouldn’t have gone if she wasn’t [supportive],” he told TV WEEK. “She’s a fan too!”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he also said of his fiance, “Our sense of humour is so stitched together, it is like one mind. If we are not looking after the kids or doing dinner, we are joking around and I missed that connection. She is my number one.”

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He may not be at the level he hopes to be at, but Shaun revealed why he’s playing as a Contender rather than a Champion.

“The thought made me slightly uncomfortable,” he told TV WEEK. “While I had a lot of time in the system, I only played 98 games. I didn’t even reach 100. And I was injured for a lot of it and missed out on my team’s premiership win in 2017.”

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